French Knot Thread-u-cationLearn how to prepare your fused art quilt for hand embroidery stitches. There are diagrams teaching you a variety of hand embroidery stitches to bring your quilt to life. Click here to learn more.




Fused Binding
A Fused Binding is a quick way to finish up your fused art quilt. Click here to see how to make a fused binding.




Fusing Tips
Basic rules to make your fabric fusing successful. Click here to read the Rules of Etiquette from the Chicago School of Fusing.





Pattern Transfer
It is easy to transfer your pattern shapes to a fused fabric with the help of a Black Fine Point Sharpie Marker (or lead pencil) and a hot iron. Click here to see how.




How to Make an Improvised Fused Art Quilt

This quilt composition is improvised from fused fabric scraps. Click here to learn how Laura created it from start to finish.





Preparing Threads for the Sewing Machine
You have a pile of beautiful Artfabrik threads skeins and want to do some machine stitching with them. Happily, you can use the thread in your sewing machine just like any other spooled thread. Click here to see how.