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  1. Love your projects! I am getting your class today on craftsy and can’t wait to get started. I fractured my ankle last October and this will give me much pleasure while recuperating. I am older and it will take much longer for me to heal. How do I find this online tutorial? I absolutely love your birds! I am happy I discovered your classes and I admire your creativity.

    • Hi Linda,
      Thanks for joining me on Craftsy!
      I’m not sure where this page about a tutorial on making the bird quilt came from on my website. (I think it was a place holder during a site update and didn’t get deleted.) So the bad news is that there is no tutorial on how to make this bird quilt. But there is a pattern and kit available on the website. You can see it here: http://artfabrik.com/artfabrik-store/patterns/bird-patterns/
      Sorry for the confusion.

      • Thank you for your reply. I am enjoying your craftsy class now and learning so much from it. You are such a good instructor and this is so relaxing and fun. I plan to take your new class also. I have just begun FMQ and hope to quilt my own projects.

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