Red Bird Stitch Along

A Free Tutorial

Red Bird by Laura Wasilowski

Red Bird depicts the migrating birds in my neighborhood. (I live in a rather colorful region of the country.) It is made with felt fabrics, is hand embroidered, and measures about 6″ x 7″ when complete.

Please note that directions are added after they are first posted on the Artfabrik blog.

Step #1
Click here for a Red Bird Stitch Kit or assemble the following items:

Step #2

  • Trim 2” from the long side of the bird and backing fabric to make a rectangle for the bird to measure 2” w x 6 ½” h and a rectangle for the backing to measure 7 ½” w x 6 ½” h. Set the larger backing fabric aside.
  • Download and print out this Word document of the Red Bird pattern. Or print out this PDF of the Red Bird pattern.
  • Trace the patterns for the grass, bird, and flower onto tracing paper.
  • Pin the tracings onto the respective fabrics and cut out the shapes.
  • For the flowers, cut out 1 and use that as a template to cut out the remaining 2.
  • Trim about 1/4” from each edge of the grass fabric using a pinking blade or pinking shears.

Step #3

  • Place the sky fabric vertically.
  • Pin the grass fabric about 1/4″ in from the two sides and the bottom edge of the sky. Stitch tack the grass shape into place using a fine sewing thread or a size 12 pearl cotton.
  • Stitch Fly Stitches around the pinked edge of the grass shape. Use a size 8 pearl cotton thread (like Lime Frappe) and a size 3 hand embroidery needle.
  • Remove the stitch tacking.
  • Pin the bird at an angle with the front belly of the bird about 3 1/4” up from the bottom of the sky and the tail tip about 1/2” in from the right side of the sky. Stitch tack the bird into place.
  • Stitch Blanket Stitches around the bird shape. Use a size 12 pearl cotton thread (like Red Hots) and a size 5 hand embroidery needle.
  • Remove the stitch tacking.