Chain Stitch

chainstitchsample2Use the Chain Stitch to create thick lines of thread on fabric. This linked stitch starts out like the Lazy Daisy Stitch but attaches to the previous stitch to form a line or chain of stitches.

chainstitch3Make shapes with the Chain Stitch like bulky cumulus clouds soaring above the tree tops on a stormy day.

silkstitchalong24Or place rows of Chain Stitches close together to conceal the background fabric completely like the tree trunk in the Silk Stitch-Along Embroidered Garden tutorial.

chainstitch4Here’s how to make the Chain Stitch: Exit the fabric at point A. Insert the needle right next to point A at point B. Take a short stitch (about 1/4″) and bring the tip of the needle up at point C.

chainstitch5Trap the thread under the needle.

chainstitch6Draw the needle and thread through the fabric creating a loop.

chainstitch1Insert the needle tip at point D to the right of point C and inside the loop.

chainstitch2Exit the thread at a new point C (about 1/4” from D). Repeat the steps above to make a chain of loops connected at the CD point.

After you do a lot of Chain Stitches you can become a member of the Chain Gang. This is a group of embroiderers who are doing time for letting their knots show on the back of their work.