Shipping Information

pieorteamailYou can place your order online with our secure Paypal service or by emailing Laura:

We ship everything via US Priority Mail. This means your order arrives quickly and is insured. You should receive the order within 2 – 10 days.


How Shipping Fees are Determined
Our shipping prices are based on the total dollar amount of the purchase rather than weight. We sell lightweight products (thread) and heavy products (books). Ours is a simple website without the ability to calculate the weight of items purchased and to translate that into shipping costs.
So our solution is to refund some of the shipping fees for those that order a light-weight threads but are charged for the equivalent amount in heavy books.
Your refund for some of the shipping fees will appear in your PayPal account after you place the order.

dyedinthewool10Residing outside of the US? 

Email Laura at: for a quote on international shipping rates. We may be able to reduce the shipping rate if you don’t mind having the products arriving a little later.

Thank you!

Current US shipping costs are calculated the following way:

$0.01 USD – $17.00 USD $6.00 USD
$17.01 USD – $50.00 USD $8.00 USD
$50.01 USD – $75.00 USD $12.00 USD
$75.01 USD – $200.00 USD $16.00 USD
$200.01 USD and up $20.00 USD

International Shipping
Current international priority mail shipping costs are listed below.

It is possible to reduce international shipping fees by shipping via a slower method. When you order from the website, you will be changed for the fastest method of getting your items to you (Priority Mail).

If you like, we can ship them to you via a slower method. This may take about 5-15 days longer to reach you. When you place the order, we can then calculate the weight of the shipment and the fee for shipping via the slower method. We will then refund the extra shipping fee charged to you through PayPal.

When you place an order, please email Laura to notify us if you want the fast or slow method of shipping. Contact Laura by email:


$0.01 USD – $49.99 USD $24.00 USD
$50.00 USD – $74.99 USD $42.00 USD
$75.00 USD – $124.99 USD $60.00 USD
$125.00 USD – $199.99 USD $60.00 USD
$200.01 USD and up $78.00 USD

Please email with any questions regarding your order.

Thank you!