A New Kind of Quilt Rack


A new kind of quilt rack.

Quilters are so inventive! I recent taught on Hilton Head Island at a very interesting location. The lucky members of the Palmetto Quilt Guild hold their classes in a vacant store front. It is so spacious, they are able to display their quilts there as well. I was delighted to see a novel way of displaying quilts: use an old dryer rack, wrap the wood in fabric, and drape your quilts across the rack. Clever, huh?

Improvising Designs #7


The bird on the roof is only 1″ long. But doesn’t it look as if he is denting the roof?

The best part about the weekend is having time to sit and stitch. And it helps if it is a cold, windy, snowy weekend. My favorite time of year!


Check out Thread-u-cation to see how to make the different stitches used on this quilt.

OK, so I’m not really fond of the cold weather we’ve been having here in Chicago. But what better excuse to finish the hand embroidery on my improvised house project!


Hand embroidery is complete. Doesn’t that orange accent thread sing?!

Now that the hand stitching is complete, I’ll set it aside for machine quilting the border later. I like to make a stack of my free-motion machine quilting projects and attack them all at once. Of course, the weather has to be just right too.

Improvising Designs #6 and a Winner!

improv8Thanks for all your input on choosing a background color for this piece. So why did I place this on a green background rather than the orange? It’s true that an orange background would really pop the design. But you can do the same with hand embroidery stitches.

In this design, the accent color is the gold/orange of the sun, door, and bird. Thread colors that repeat that same orange with be used a lot. And with a lot of orange in the border, my thread accent color becomes less important.


Using Size 12 thread in Sunflowers around the house and Size 8 in Oranges around the roof to make things pop.

That’s my story and I’m stitching to it.

Our winner of the fat quarter of batik fabric is Lori Kay. Not because she voted for the green background, but because her number came up. And if your number is up, your number is up. Congratulations Lori Kay!

Improvising Designs #5 and a Give-Away!

improv6Somewhere there are dozens of small purple dots looking for a home. Can’t remember what happened to them but I did save the cut-away fabrics! The dot cut-aways make a perfect fence around our purple property. And with a few more tweaks, the design improvised with fused fabric scraps is complete. Voila!

improv7Now for a background. Should I choose this orange batik fabric?

improv8Or do you prefer the green batik? Let me know and you may win a free fat quarter of the chosen batik! Please leave a comment and we’ll announce the winner on Saturday.

Improvising Designs #4

improv3If you keep playing with fabric shapes, you’re sure to find a use for every piece.That red leaf was just hanging around my fusing table waiting for an audition. (Sadly, it was discarded from the Acorn design a while back.) So I stuck that jolly red leaf on the roof of the house. Isn’t it jaunty?

improv4Sadly again, red was set aside for it’s younger, greener sister leaf. I guess that red was just a little to jaunty even for me.

Which leads to this tip when improvising a design: Try a variety of colors and shapes. Be willing to take a chance. Experiment. Be jaunty but know your limitations.

Improvising Designs #3

improv2Next up for this improvised design: Design triggers. See that green leaf-shaped fabric to the left of the sky fabric? Several shapes like that triggered the first elements in my design, the 4 little trees. When you cut the green shape in half you have 2 trees. Then trim those 2 trees in loopy shapes and place them on the horizon line.

improv5Here’s what the house shape looked like before I free cut it. This shape was chosen for the color and then cut to resemble a house. That purple really zings when you place it on the hill and sky. And it makes me happy. More improve tomorrow!