The More You Stitch, the Better You Feel

decquilt10I must admit I didn’t want to spend the time adding hand embroidery this little quilt. It seemed so ordinary, so plain.


Whimsy Lane #7 by Laura Wasilowski

But once I got started, it was hard to stop! It proved to be a great canvas for trying out some new stitch ideas.┬áHere’s what I discovered. You can use the blanket stitch for field rows. The Herringbone stitch makes for interesting texture in the fields too. And crisscrossing straight stitches on the tree trunk creates a plaid pattern. It is amazing what a difference a stitch makes.

Fabric as Diary

decquilt5eSometimes you let the fabric do the work. My favorite part of this quilt is the background fabric. It is made from a former drop cloth resulting from painting and dyeing fabric for a much larger quilt. It is like a diary or journal of that creative process.


Spring Blooms #6 by Laura Wasilowski

This small quilt (14″ x 14″) is part of my Spring Blooms series. Proving once again that there is always hope that Spring will arrive again……… someday.

Another Song Bird?

decquilt7b When I made this quilt in December I mentioned that I have a set of design motifs that I use over and over again in my artwork. Things like houses, trees, landscapes, and oh yes, birds appear often. And I asked: is this a good thing or should I try something new?

songbird3Now that this little quilt is all stitched up, I’m happy to announce that I love my houses, and birds, and landscapes. Making art goes way beyond choosing a motif or theme. It is playing with color, line, and texture. And most importantly, enjoying the process.

Song Bird Quilts

decquilt8It’s a new year so I’ve started a new series of new birds with a new name. It’s all new all the time! Here you see the first in the Song Bird series. Patiently waiting for a few hand embroidery stitches, our little bird overlooks farm fields in high summer.


Song Bird #1 by Laura Wasilowski

And here she is all stitched up and ready to lay an egg. If you’d like to learn how to make a fancy woven nest like this one, please join one of my classes at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton VA later this month. See you there!