Ah! Those Chicken Memories

Chicken Dreams by Laura Wasilowski

Chicken Dreams by Laura Wasilowski

About 20 years ago I made a series of quilts about chickens. Like many of you, I had caught chicken fever and was enamored with their bright colors and charm. But soon my chicken mania diminished, and I put them to bed thinking they were silly and not so charming.


Chicken Music and his friends being packed for their journey.

But I’m over that now and am so happy I have my collection of chicken quilts. In fact, these fine fowl are on their way to Oregon for the Friday evening Picnic in the Park celebration at the Quilter’s Affair show in Sisters. I’m the guest speaker this year and will happily show off my hens and sing a song or two. Hope you can be there!

Cactus is Done!


Cactus Landscape by Laura Wasilowski

Let’s consider this as an experiment in how to use embroidery to make a landscape. For a while I was stuck on how to do the mid-ground between the mountains and foreground. Until finally the mountains, made with the Satin Stitch, gave me the idea for the mid-ground texture in a pink and yellow variegated thread. As these mid-ground satin stitches progress to the foreground, they are spaced more loosely to reveal the fabric underneath. A few “desert plants” in the mid-ground are added to give the illusion of distance.

Soon I’ll be teaching a new class called Free Stitched Embroidery Landscapes in Sisters, Oregon. My students will receive a kit of hand dyed silk fabric and pearl cotton threads for their projects. Each student also gets my booklet on how to make embroidery stitches for the pieces. I hope to have even more examples to show them. Wish me luck!

Here’s an Exhibit to See

bluechairinthelibrarybigI’m so happy to see that my mystery quilt, Blue Chair in the Library with a Candlestick, is enjoying itself. It is part of a SAQA exhibit called “My Corner of the World” at the Stratford Perth Museum in Stratford, Ontario, Canada now through September 5, 2016.

SAQA has prepared a really great web page with artist and venue information where you can read more.  Visit “My Corner of the World” page here. 

Guest Artist: Goofy Quilt?


Toast House by Charlotte

Sometimes you come across artwork that just makes you smile. My friend Charlotte’s artwork above is from her “goofy quilt” series. (Her term for it.) They are the result of a good sense of humor and the love of making fun quilts. Here’s what she says about her house quilt:

I told my husband whenever I was sick, my mom made me cinnamon toast cut into long strips. He replied that when he was sick, his mom made him toast houses. After that, our children always had toast houses when they were ill. If you look closely at the clouds, you will see how to make a toast house of your own.

Toast House (label) by Charlotte

And here’s a clever way to label your quilt. Charlotte says: the label is from a toaster cover I embroidered when I was around 10 years old, in the mid to late 50″s. My oldest son’s only comment when I showed him, was a look of horror and he said “And you still had it?”
You see Charlotte other “goofy quilt” on this post from June of last year. Thanks for sharing your fun art work with us Charlotte!

Guest Artists: Loving Thread


House by Maryann

Isn’t this sweet? Maryann recently attended my Tiny Homes workshop in Madison and finished her project. She says: I really enjoyed doing the embroidery.  In fact I enjoyed it so much I’ve a couple more ideas to work into others and have just placed an order for more thread. (Thank you, Maryann!)


Little Bird by Nora

Here’s another great use of embroidery by Nora. She stitched along with me during my Wooly Bird Tutorial. Nora says: I have been in a stitching slump and this has been the answer to getting those needles stitching again. Glad to hear it Nora.

Thank you to Maryann and Nora for sharing their art with us!