See What You Can Do!

kaysquilt1This is what you can do when you take a class. Kay made this beautiful quilt in my Colorful Leaves class at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival in Loveland, CO in August. She designed her own pattern for the leaf and then selected the fabric colors from a pre-fused kit. It’s sort of a “design as you go method of quiltmaking.”

kaysquilt2And I have to say, her hand stitching is gorgeous! Don’t you love how her stitches add that hit of texture and color to this small piece (the center is about 9″ x 9″). You can do this too. Designing and making your own art work is so rewarding. Just ask Kay!

A Pause in the Dyeing

dyebucketsMy dye schedule abruptly came to a halt on Wednesday. It seems my newest grandson decided to be born a little early. So I dropped all my dye buckets and raced of to see him in Canada! Don’t worry, the thread will be just fine soaking in the rinse water for a day or so.

Ready to Dye

dyebottles2I’m all mixed up and ready to dye! For the Artfabrik store I use these Procion MX dyes on a PFD (prepared for dyeing) fabric from Testfabrics called 400 M.  I’ll be dyeing all week long to replenish stock for the store. UGH! But dye week is also a good week to binge watch TV programs. Hate to say it but it’sTV that makes dyeing tolerable.

Not Far from the Tree


Acorn by Laura Wasilowski

If you’re attending the Quilt Expo in Madison, please stop into our booth (#835) and check out my new pattern called Acorn. Right in time for fall, this little quilt has directions for making a woven collage for the top of the acorn and patterns for all those leaves as well. Doesn’t it look like it’s wearing a hat? Or is that just me?

All Set Up and Ready to Go


Wall of hand-dyed thread. All the colors and all the sizes.

Frieda and I spent yesterday setting up our booth at Quilt Expo in Madison WI. We open today and expect to be overwhelmed by rabid quilters dashing for fabric and thread. Or at least we hope so. Please stop in and say “hi”. Don’t worry. We are right in the front of the hall (#835) so we have an easy exit if the rabid quilt makers get too…. rabid.

Meet Me in Mad Town!


Nancy Zieman from Nancy’s Notions will be there too.

Want to meet me in Mad Town this weekend? The annual Quilt Expo is taking place in Madison, WI September 4 – 6 and I’ll be there along with Frieda. Madison is a great city and the quilt show is packed with quilts to see and vendors like me. You’ll see Frieda and me at our booth right next to the Nancy’s Notion’s booth. Stop by and say hi!