Name That Quilt Winners!


Nice Neighborhood #5 by Laura Wasilowski

Thank you so much for your quilt title ideas. Next year is looming and you’ve given me dozens of suggestions on what to call my next series of house quilts. It was hard to whittle it down to one idea…… so I picked five.

Here are the winners of the title contest. Each will receive a bag of pre-fused fabric scraps so they can make their own homes.

  • Susie for Mi Casa
  • Laura Woods for Home Tweet Home (I’ll use this for birdhouses!)
  • Cami for Whimsey Lane
  • Billie for Coming Home
  • Patricia for Happy House


Can You Name This? Give Away!


My House #12 by Laura Wasilowski

Maybe you have this problem too. A big challenge for me is coming up with new names for quilts in a series. For example, the quilt above is from the “My House” series in 2011. Now you know in 2015 I’ll be making even more house quilts. I can’t stop myself!


My House #15 by Laura Wasilowski

But what should I call that new series? Anyone have any house title ideas for me? Please leave your ideas in the comment section and I’ll pick a winner. The winner receives my gratitude and a bag of fused fabric scraps to make their own house quilts!

Facing My Biggest Fear

colorchips5Can you guess what my biggest quilting fear is? My biggest fear is running out of things to hand stitch. Each evening I sit and embroider. It’s relaxing and feels like I’m getting something done while I sit. But what if I run out of things to stitch? How will I entertain my self of an evening?

colorchips4Recently I discovered an easy answer to that: find an old quilt and add stitchery to it. And since I have a huge stockpile of quilts, my evenings will be full into the next life time. Wonder if I can take them with me?

A Solution at Last

inkquilt It’s been a while since I’ve asked you what to do about this ink mark on my quilt top. I’ve received lots of good suggestions but have finally come up with a solution I like.

inkquilt2My solution? Cover it up with a cloud and add a bird. Even though a quilt is finished with stitching and binding, why not add on top? Soon I’ll add hand embroidery to the new cloud and bird and have a sweet little quilt again.

Stitching Curly Fries

threetrees6A favorite machine stitch pattern for me is called Curly Fries. Can you see it in the background of my Frankenquilt? It’s a great filler stitch and fits around organic shapes like the trees. Here you see Curly Fries combined with a few banana stitches (arc shapes) to travel around the fabric. Makes me hungry just looking at it.

Frankenquilt Stitchery

threetrees3My Frankenquilt (made from unrelated parts to make a whole) features a cocktail of stitchery ideas. Mix one part hand embroidery with two parts decorative stitching from my BERNINA 750 QE and……voila! It’s a tasty little party quilt!

threetrees4To make it even more festive, add French Knots too. (Is it just me or do those French Knots look like ball fringe?)