Dyeing and Drying


I’m thinking of filing a patten for this nifty drying system.

Here you see my state-of-the-art drying system for drying my hand dyed threads. You too and try this at home. Simply hand wash your threads, spin out excess water in the washing machine, and hang them up to dry on the hot water pipes in your basement. As you can see, I’m frantically dyeing threads for the AQS show in Paducah next week. Arrrrrrrgh!

At a Stand Still


The Sunrise colorway being hand washed.

Suddenly all my stitching and quilt making has come to a halt. Incomplete projects are interrupted. My evenings of hand stitching is ended. Why? Because next week I leave for Paducah KY for the annual AQS Quilt Show.


Fabric ironed and stacked by colorway.

That means I have a week to prepare all the items that are for sale in the Artfabrik booth. Thread must be washed and twisted into skeins in the evening. Dyed fabric must be ironed and pattern and fabric kits assembled. Can hardly wait to sit around the booth in Paducah and rest up. Will I see you there?

Quilt Chops #4

(Sorry about that post yesterday about the Felt Like Gardening quilt. I thought I was putting it on my Portfolio Page but put it on the blog instead. This is what comes from having a cluttered mind. Don’t get a cluttered mind!)

silkredo7And now back to the Quilt Chops quilts. That distracting excess binding was removed from my chopped up quilt and hand stitching is added. I still find the colors a little dim. Could it be livened up with colorful machine thread? Stay tuned!

Felt Like Gardening

feltlikegardeningFelt Like Gardening

A garden of felt flowers and hand-stitched petals and leaves.

Felt Like Gardening is a fused art quilt measuring 11.5″ wide by 12.5″ high. It is hand embroidered and machine quilted. There is a simple loop on the back for hanging on the wall.

Price(USD): $150.00

Quilt Chops #3

silkredo3You may have noticed that the colors in this silk quilt are not of my usual palette. Maybe that’s why I never felt satisfied with it. Never really finished it.

silkredo2But now that my 24 year old quilt is chopped into 4 different pieces (and I’m more mature) I see things differently. Using more of my hand-dyed and fused silks, each panel is re-designed. This panel appears to be 3 trees on some land formation in a strange country.

silkredo1And here we have a single tree also of silk added to a panel. The hand stitching dates from 10 years ago and the machine work is even older. Do you find the bind distracting? Me too. Think I’ll chop that off too before I add any more hand or machine work.