dragonthreadsgiveaway2I hope you’ll join me in this mighty give away from Dragon Threads. In honor of Phillipa Naylor’s new book, Applique Mastery, they are giving away lots of prizes including copies of my book, Fanciful Stitches Colorful Quilts. (I just gave one to Sharon L in August.)

If you go to the Artfabrik Facebook page, just look for the blue Giveaway button on the left. Click that button and it takes you to the page to register for the prizes. Hope you win!

An Idea Using Your Noodle

rollNext time you attend a class, bring along your noodle. That is, your plastic pool noodle. At the end of class, place your quilt top onto your batting and backing fabric. (For a fused quilt, you may want to cover the project with release paper too.) Pin the edge of the project onto the noodle and then roll it up. That way, your project is kept neat, flat, and held together. It’s easier to transport too.

This great idea is brought to you from one of my students in Colorado. I’m sorry I can’t remember her name but she is brilliant!

Morning Glory Blues

morningglorychairIt’s happened again. The morning glories in my garden have taken over! Nothing is safe from them. Here you see them snaring a garden chair. If they weren’t so beautiful, I might be upset.


Watering Can (43″ x 45″) by Laura Wasilowski

But rather than curse the morning glories, I’ve made several quilts about their eagerness to grow. Here you see the vines slowly taking over my watering can. Given a week, the watering can will disappear and all you’ll see is a mass of blue morning glories. They are very persistent.

Dancing Bird?


Birdland #14 by Laura Wasilowski

Check out the foot action of this little bird! He has the dance moves, alright. I’m so happy birds exist. There is something about birds that brings out the goofy in all of us.

Stitching and Driving Continued


Weezie’s Wildflowers #23 by Laura Wasilowski

This is what you can accomplish when you are trapped in a car for hours and hours with a needle and thread. Hand stitching Weezie’s Wildflowers #23 was the only bright spot during an exciting marathon of automobile torture. Note the background fabrics. They are from a stash of printed and hand painted fabrics I unearthed from my studio. I had set them aside because I just didn’t like them. But suddenly, 10 years later, I love them! Proving that fabric improves with age.