Stitching for Spain- Mi Casa

Teahouse by Laura Wasilowski

I’ve made a lot of casas in my time. So many, that I now qualify as a major homebuilder. Occasionally, I make a teahouse just to change things up a bit. This one is made with felt fabric and lots of stitchery.

Which brings me to the class I’m teaching for the Asociación Española de Patchwork in March is called Mi Casa es Su Casa. In this class students create a cozy little house with felt fabrics and add embroidery stitches to decorate their composition. Each student receives a kit of colorful wool/acrylic felt, needles, hand-dyed threads, and a booklet of embroidery stitch diagrams. They will have enough felt to make a whole house development. And I know they are going to have fun building their own casas!

Stitching for Spain: Mi Casa

I’m back in the saddle again! One of the classes I’m teaching for Asociación Española de Patchwork in March is called Mi Casa es Su Casa. We are creating tiny homes using colorful felt fabrics with lots of hand embroidery.

Which means I have to make up lots of thread kits for my students. The kit of thread contains my hand-dyed size 8 pearl cotton threads like these as well as an array of felt fabric colors.

I’m placing a sampler of each thread colorway onto thread rings for my students’ kits. This counting of threads and attaching them on the rings is best done in front of a television screen while watching an engrossing movie.

True, I’ve been watching a lot of TV lately but I am looking forward to what the students create with the threads. It will be worth it!

Stitch Tip #11: Combine Wool and Felt

Something is comforting about having wool or felt in your hands. They are both soft and easy to stitch but they also have body, something sturdy to grip while stitching.

I also like the matte texture of felt and wool. They are cozy, comforting fabrics.
So why not combine the two fabrics when doing free-form embroidery?

Today’s Stitch Tip: Combine Wool and Felt

The sheep, birdhouse, and backing in A Friend’s House from Playful Free-Form Embroidery are made with felt. Felt consists of fibers that are compressed or felted together. Felt made with at least 20% wool content works best. I get my felt from Commonwealth Felt.

The cloud and background fabrics are hand-dyed wool from Tracy Trevethan. She dyes woven wool fabrics in intense clear colors in a weight that is perfect for stitching. Another joy when stitching wool and felt? Neither fabric frays. Try a felt and wool combination today!