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playfulfreeformembroideryPlayful Free-Form Embroidery

My new book has 6 hand-embroidery projects on felt or wool with full-sized patterns and step-by-step pictorial directions. Bright and lively project designs include a whirling paintbrush, a dancing bird, teacups tipping, flowers blooming, a fuzzy sheep, and a happy acorn nut house. With the free-form embroidery approach, you can either follow the given directions or allow your imagination to run wild and improv your own additions—there is no right or wrong!

See a preview of the 6 projects here.

Price(USD): $19.95


joyfulstitchingfrontcoverJoyful Stitching: Transform Fabric with Improvisational Embroidery

Enjoy the delightful world of embroidery and learn how to create small, free-form embroidery pieces that are alive with color and texture. With instructions for 21 embroidery stitches and 6 projects, all in Laura’s signature colorful, whimsical style, you’ll transform a flat, plain surface into a joyful, design-packed art piece. Stitch on wool, felt, or silk, and enjoy the simple pleasure of slow stitching. Includes a gallery of artwork and display ideas.

See a preview of the 6 projects here.

See Fabric and Thread Stitch Kits for the projects here.

Price(USD): $19.95



Free-Form Hand Embroidery on Wool

Enjoy the ease of hand embroidery on wool and create these 5 small, free-form embroidery pieces. 

Step-by-step directions guide you through the stitch projects. Learn the types of fabric, thread, and needles to use; and how to transfer the patterns for each project to the wool. Plus you’ll find embroidery stitch diagrams and a bonus project: how to make an etui or small sewing kit.

Illustrated with colorful details, this book is ideal for those who want to explore the world of free-form embroidery and stitch just for the pleasure of it.

See a preview of the 5 projects here.

See Fabric and Thread Stitch Kits for the projects here.

Price(USD): $15.00


Fanciful Stitches, Colorful Quilts by Laura WasilowskiFanciful Stitches, Colorful Quilts by Laura Wasilowski

Enjoy 11 fused applique projects featuring houses like a gardener’s cottage (cover), houseboat, lighthouse, and even a windmill! You are given patterns for each design and shown an easy pattern transfer process for fused fabrics.

A chapter is devoted to hand embroidery for fused art quilts. And each project has a list of suggested hand embroidery stitches. Embroidery stitch diagrams to show how to make the stitches. And a final chapter shows the wrapped binding that gives these quilts their wonderful curved finish.

Please visit C&T Publishing for a print on demand or ebook version of the book. Or sign up for my online class on Creative Spark, Little Bird and Daisiesand receive an ebook version of Fanciful Stitches, Colorful Quilts as an bonus.

See a preview of the 11 Fanciful Stitches projects here.


Fusing Fun: Fast Fearless Art Quilts by Laura Wasilowski

Make fun, fast art quilts with fusible web. This book is great for learning all the basics of creating fused art quilts from start to finish. Projects range from simple to complex and pictorial to abstract.

There are variations on each project, several binding and display techniques, and a gallery of artwork by other fusing artists. Be inspired to make your own artwork by learning the fine art of fusing.

View the 7 quilt projects, an excerpt and reviews from Fusing Fun here.

Please visit C&T Publishing for a print on demand or ebook version of the book. Or sign up for my online class on Creative Spark, Fused Art Quilts: Tiny Homes, and receive an ebook version of Fusing Fun: Fast Fearless Art Quilts as an bonus.

Leaves in a Whirl Instructional DVD and Pattern

Learn fusing tricks of the trade and create this beautiful leaf quilt at the same time. The Leaves in a Whirl package includes complete instructions, pattern, and a DVD showing you the fast construction process step-by-step.

Like taking a class with Laura, learn quick pattern transfer, bias fusing, and the value of hand-embroidered textures. See variations of this leaf pattern that you can adapt to your own designs. It’s a delightfully easy project!

View details of the project here.
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Price(USD): $13.00


Fuse and Tell Journal Quilts by Laura Wasilowski

Create your own story in cloth. Transform your musings, doodles, and snapshots into these small, fun-to-make journal quilts.
There are 6 complete projects plus bonus materials to make your own one-of-a kind art quilts. Learn new fusible techniques like bias fusing, cheesecloth fusing, fused trapunto, and the wrapped binding using Timtex or Fast2fuse.

Sorry, this book is sold out. Please visit C&T Publishing for a print on demand or ebook version of the book.