Nut House Stitch Kit

Nut House is a project in Laura’s book Playful Free-Form Embroidery. Directions for making this design using felt fabrics are found in the book.

The felt fabrics in the kit are the correct size and weight for the Nut House project. Purchase all the threads as a kit (below) or purchase thread skeins one by one by clicking the individual color links. Threads included in the kit are: Hand-dyed Size 12 pearl cotton thread (3): Black, Red Hots, Ocean. Hand-dyed size 8 pearl cotton threads (9): Red Hots, Lime Frappe, Degas Blue, Aquamarine, Butter, Ocean, Sprouts, Lettuce, Asters. A free thread ring and needle chart is included with the thread kit purchase.

Nut House Fabrics $15

Nut House Thread Kit $96