Stitching Off the Grid Finished!

All done! Bridge House #2 is placed on a batik fabric and stitched into place. The green batik is a favorite color and adds to the cheery Spring vibe. It’s gotta be Spring somewhere!

Thank you for joining me during my creation of this piece and during the time away from my studio. My studio is now completely renovated and I can move back in with a new lighting, ceramic flooring, cabinets, and, hallelujah!, laundry tubs.

And the Artfabrik store is now open. Life is good!

Stitching Off the Grid #10

In a marathon stitch-a-thon, the little bridge house is attached to a background fabric. The blue felt fabric is intended to bring out the blue in your eyes as well as the blue color in the bridge, house, water, and leaves.

This is how the edging is done. Using large blanket stitches, the design is stitched to the background with a size 8 Autumn Oranges thread. Then, with a hefty needle, a size 3 green pearl cotton thread glides under the tines of the blanket stitch. The tines of the stitch are then capped off with a back stitch using a size 8 Peas in a Pod thread. Pretty fancy, huh?

There is more in store for the Bridge House. I’m just not sure what it is. Maybe another border fabric? Stay tuned!

Stitching Off the Grid #9

At last, there is water flowing under the bridge! Stem stitches, using a size 12 Aquamarine pearl cotton thread, create a gently flowing stream. (Must be snow melt from all that snow we’ve been getting.)

I really like working with felt or wool fabric. It is easy to stitch, saving my hands the hard work of pulling a needle and thread through the fabric. The felt I work with is from Commonwealth Felt and has a fiber content of at least 20% wool. Check out their beautiful colors. You’ll be amazed!