Tiny Homes Make Me Happy!

Tiny Homes #3 by Laura Wasilowski

This quilt is an example made for my online class at Quilter’s Affair called Tiny Homes. I demonstrated how to construct the quilt top in the class but not how to add the hand embroidery. That came later after all the filming was “in the can” as they say.

Tiny Home #3 (detail) by Laura Wasilowski

An advantage of my teaching an online class is that I spend less time lugging luggage and racing through airports. That means I have more time to stitch quilts like Tiny Homes #3. So I’m enjoying my summer of relaxation by adding hand embroidery to quilts and free-form embroidery designs. I hope you’re enjoying a relaxing day too!

Teaching Myself a Lesson

Housing Department #29 by Laura Wasilowski

Housing Department #29 was made for an online class I’m teaching at Quilter’s Affair this week. The filming for the class took place months ago and I’m now reviewing the final videos that the students will see.

And in seeing the videos again, I’ve taught myself a lesson. What have I learned?

  • I have learned that I give my students a lot more information in an online class than if I present the course in person.
  • Students get a close-up view of the construction process. They don’t have to squint from the back row of the classroom to see the examples.
  • They can rewind and see a lesson over and over again rather than hear directions once and be expected to execute a step.
  • They can work at their own pace and not feel rushed by their neighbors’ progress or the clock on the wall.
  • Students have access to their own tools and work in their own space.
  • I can show multiple examples of how to make a design describing the construction in more detail.
  • And I can show the entire process of adding hand embroidery to a design rather than just giving a quick description of stitching a fused quilt at the end of class.

I’m really happy that I made these online classes for my Quilter’s Affair students. It’s a good feeling knowing that I’ve given my all in preparing for the classes.

Stitch Tip #6: Combine the Fly and French Knot Stitches

I had a little balance problem when making this house for the Painting the Town project in Playful Free-Form Embroidery.

Here’s what I mean. See the roof tiles on the house? The tiles are made with stacked rows of fly stitches that slowly decrease in number up to the peak of the house.

I had intended to stop working on the roof there. But the house design looks out of balance. The roof looks lightweight and unfinished. It needs more texture or weight to compete with the solid mass of thread that makes up the base of the house.

Today’s Stitch Tip: Fill the Fly with French Knots

What’s the solution? Why the French knot of course! Using a variegated thread, Lettuce in size 8, I’ve filled in the shapes of the fly-stitched tiles with French knots to give a festive texture to the rooftop.

By giving the roof tiles more prominence I was able to counter the weight of that solid blue of the house. Top the roof off with a sprouting flower and balance is achieved.