Stitching Off the Grid #8

Time to add a horizon line to the bridge house design. The solution? Straight stitches that make spikes of grass to separate the sky from the ground. Using variegated threads like Lettuce and Pickle Juice in different weights, the vertical stitches create a lively, grassy texture.

Several episodes of a detective show later, the carpet of grass stretches around the bridge. But before I get too carried away, I trim off the corners of the felt fabric. I don’t know why.

Stitching Off the Grid #7

A few French knots and suddenly the arc shape below the house becomes a bridge. I’ve made a bridge house! And don’t you love the color combination of thread and fabric on the bridge?

The size 8 Aquamarine thread for the French knots is the perfect “bridge” color between the mesh of blanket stitches (stitched with size 8 Bordeaux) and the moss green fabric. The Aquamarine thread repeats that same blue found in the rooftop and the treetop. And the French knots add touchable texture to the bridge. Can’t wait to see what happens next!

Here’s an update on my dye studio renovation. The tile floor is in place and I have new laundry tubs. How exciting! Can’t wait to wash some fabric (and clothes).

Stitching Off the Grid #6

Using my skills as a certified architect from the Chicago School of fusing, I’ve added additional roofing to the house. This is to prevent leakage.

And as an amateur landscape designer, I’ve added a flower sprouting off the roof top. The flower is created with fly stitches stacked on top of each other with a French knot popping out of the top.