Stitching for Spain: Kits!

One of the things I like to do for my students is provide a kit of fabrics and threads for workshops. This way they don’t have to schlep a cart full of items to class. I become the schlepper. Above is the kit for the Improvisational Hand Embroidery on Wool class I’m teaching for the Asociación Española de Patchwork in March.

Students will have a selection of wool fabrics, a booklet of embroidery stitches, needles, an array of my hand-dyed threads, and a cute little needle hold created by moi. Ok. It’s true I don’t speak French or Spanish. But I know enough not to order liver and onions in a restaurant. And I know how to schlep.

Stitching for Spain: Improvisational Embroidery on Wool

In March I’m teaching two classes for the Asociación Española de Patchwork in Spain. This festival of fiber art is held in the lovely city of Sitges on the Mediterranean Sea or as I like to call it the Med.

In the class Improvisational Hand Embroidery on Wool or Bordado a Mano Sobre Lana students create a densely hand-embroidered vignette on wool fabric with colorful embroidery threads. This class is all about making line, texture, pattern, and stitch combinations with thread to create a personal story. I can hardly wait to see what they make!

Stitching for Spain- Mi Casa

Teahouse by Laura Wasilowski

I’ve made a lot of casas in my time. So many, that I now qualify as a major homebuilder. Occasionally, I make a teahouse just to change things up a bit. This one is made with felt fabric and lots of stitchery.

Which brings me to the class I’m teaching for the Asociación Española de Patchwork in March is called Mi Casa es Su Casa. In this class students create a cozy little house with felt fabrics and add embroidery stitches to decorate their composition. Each student receives a kit of colorful wool/acrylic felt, needles, hand-dyed threads, and a booklet of embroidery stitch diagrams. They will have enough felt to make a whole house development. And I know they are going to have fun building their own casas!