Stitching for Spain- Mi Casa

Teahouse by Laura Wasilowski

I’ve made a lot of casas in my time. So many, that I now qualify as a major homebuilder. Occasionally, I make a teahouse just to change things up a bit. This one is made with felt fabric and lots of stitchery.

Which brings me to the class I’m teaching for the AsociaciĆ³n EspaƱola de Patchwork in March is called Mi Casa es Su Casa. In this class students create a cozy little house with felt fabrics and add embroidery stitches to decorate their composition. Each student receives a kit of colorful wool/acrylic felt, needles, hand-dyed threads, and a booklet of embroidery stitch diagrams. They will have enough felt to make a whole house development. And I know they are going to have fun building their own casas!