Stitching Off the Grid #6

Using my skills as a certified architect from the Chicago School of fusing, I’ve added additional roofing to the house. This is to prevent leakage.

And as an amateur landscape designer, I’ve added a flower sprouting off the roof top. The flower is created with fly stitches stacked on top of each other with a French knot popping out of the top.

My New Book Comes with My New Class!

Make This Sweet Little House Embroidery in My New Online Class

I’m happy to announce that I have a new online class for you! It’s called Little House in the Woods. Create this whimsical house the easy way- with hand embroidery stitches! In the class you’ll learn how to:

  • Create freestanding embroidered shapes like the house and trees with concentrated stitchery,
  • Transfer simple pattern shapes to make elaborate stitched shapes using felt or wool,
  • Make 10 hand embroidery stitches step-by-step and combine them to make sinuous vines and a decorative sun,
  • And be inspired by viewing my variations of the Little House in the Woods design at the end of each chapter.

And Here’s the Best Part! Sign Up and Get My New Book!

Yes! I have a new book coming out in May called Playful Free-Form Embroidery. But join the Little House in the Woods online class now (priced at $59.99) and you receive access to the eBook version of Playful Free-Form Embroidery (a $15.99 value).

But wait there’s more!

Sign up for the class and also receive exclusive access to the Little House in Woods pattern and directions. (These are only available as part of the class and are not in the book.)

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I hope you’ll join me! Click here to learn more about Little House in the Woods.

Stitching Off the Grid #5

To make my ominous tree more cheerful, I’ve added a favorite stitch combination to create the leaves. Each leaf is made with a lazy daisy stitch using the size 8 Lettuce colorway of thread. Then the loops of the lazy daisy are filled in with a straight stitch using the Prinky Phlox thread in size 8.

And here’s an update on my studio renovation. The workers started with the flooring. Little round dots of tile will soon cover the entire concrete floor in my basement dye studio. What an improvement! Can’t wait to spill dye all over the new floor so I can swear a lot.