Embroider Your Fortune!

Who needs a palm reader? After all, with free-form embroidery, you can stitch your own fortune! That’s why I’ve developed a new online class for you called Hand of Fortune.

Here’s how the class works:

Using a background fabric attached to batting, you design your embroidery as you stitch, creating texture, color, and pattern.

And as you enjoy this slow, meditative art form, you learn 14 hand embroidery stitches and how to combine stitches to create lively patterns.

I’ll also show you examples to inspire your next stitch project.

Fill your life and your palm with good fortune. Good fortune, like getting a free download of my ebook Fanciful Stitches, Colorful Quilts and access to my Hand Embroidery Stitch Library with how-to videos for the right or left-handed stitcher. So please join me in Hand of Fortune today!

Warm Colors for Cool Days

It’s the end of summer here in Illinois, and my marigolds are loving the heat. Here they are embracing a new thread sampler pack, the Yellow to Red set. But soon it will be autumn. Imagine all the beautiful stitching you can do on those cool days with this bright bunch.

The Yellow to Red collection is perfect for outlining your bluebird, stitching his beak, dressing up his tail feathers, and adding texture to cattails.

The Yellow to Red Sampler in size 8 pearl cotton thread includes: Lemons, Butter, Sunflowers, Oranges, Sunrise, Really Red, and Red Hots.

Check out all the sampler packs here.