Fusing Rules and a Winner!

The Chicago School of Fusing Rowenta Sports Arena

Be Tacky!

One of the fusing rules I repeat often in my new online class, Fused Art Quilts: Tiny Homes, is fuse tacking. What’s that, you ask?

Fuse tacking is adding just a small amount of heat from the iron for a short amount of time to fused fabrics together. Fusible web is a heat activated glue and too much heat for too long of a time burns the glue into the fabric. Over fused fabric becomes stiff, it’s difficult to stitch and may fall off the design.

So be tacky! Fuse tack your fabric shapes into place when designing your composition.

You can learn even more about creating art quilts by joining my online class on Creative Spark, Fused Art Quilts: Tiny Homes.

And be sure to stay tuned for giveaways as I celebrate the opening of my new class. The winner of our first giveaway, this coveted T-shirt, is….. Liz K.

Congratulations Liz. Press on!

New Class, New Giveaway!

Back to School Time!

Autumn always makes me nostalgic for the first day of school. The change in the weather signals that it’s time to gather your school supplies, learn new skills, and reunite with friends.

Would you like to return to school too? Then why not join my new online class on Creative Spark, Fused Art Quilts: Tiny Homes.

Tiny Homes #3 by Laura Wasilowski

I’ve taught Tiny Homes for over 20 years. And in each and every class my students create amazing artwork. Artwork that is unique to them.

But, as this is an online class, you’ll receive a lot more information. There is time to explore design options, demonstrate fusing techniques, and discuss embellishing with hand embroidery. And you can watch the steps over and over again!

Win a T-shirt!

One of your first lessons in Tiny Homes is to go over the Rules of Fusing from the Chicago School of Fusing, where I am Dean of Corrections.

We discuss fusible web, how to fuse fabric, what not to do, and tips on creating fast, fearless artwork with fused fabrics.

And in celebration of the Chicago School of Fusing and Tiny Homes, I’m giving away a rare and collectible T-shirt (size XL) printed with the coveted Pressing Matters at the Chicago School of Fusing logo.

You may be the lucky winner if you leave a comment on today’s blog post. The giveaway for the T-shirt will be closed on Monday, September 13. I’ll announce the winner later in the week.

Home in the Country Stitch-Along #12

You have reached the final steps in the Home in the Country Stitch-Along! Yippee!

I hope you enjoyed making your home in the country and will continue to create even more embroidery art.

Please note that directions are added to the Home in the Country Stitch-Along page after they are first posted here on the Artfabrik blog.

Step #12- Stitch the Sky and Edging

  • Stitch Running Stitches on the sky fabric in spirals and curves. Use a size 12 thread (like Oceanand a size 5 hand embroidery needle.
  • Stitch to within 1/4″ of the fabric edges.
  • Center the design on the background fabric and pin into place.
  • Stitch the design to the background using sewing thread and long Running Stitches.
  • Stitch Blanket Stitches around the edge of the design attaching it to the backing fabric.
  • Use a size 8 pearl cotton thread (like Asters).
  • Stitch French Knots inside each tine of the Blanket Stitches.
  • Use a size 8 pearl cotton thread (like Asters).

Hurray! You’ve finished your Home in the Country project. Thank you for joining me. If you’d like to see more free stitch-alongs please visit our Tutorials Page.