Iron Away Those Wrinkles!

battingwrinkles1Are you suffering from a bad case of wrinkled batting? Are you afraid those wrinkles will make your quilt bumpy and unsightly? Then try this handy trick used by quilt makers from around the world. Follow these easy step-by-step instructions to reduce your wrinkles!


  • Place your wrinkled batting on a slick surface like a Teflon sheet or parchment paper.
  • Place parchment paper on top of the batting.
  • Heat your iron up to the cotton setting.
  • Grip the edge of the batting and stretch it flat while you glide the iron across the parchment paper.
  • Watch your wrinkles disappear before your very eyes!

How to Clean Your Iron

ironcleaning1Do you find gunk on your pristine fabric after you press it with your iron? Do you have a filthy iron that is leaving marks on your quilt top? Do not fret! Here’s a simple way to clean that disgusting iron.ironcleaning2

  • Place an unused dryer sheet into the fold of a square of fabric.
  • Put the fabric square on the edge of the ironing board.
  • Scrape the hot iron across the fabric. The dryer sheet “juice” embeds itself into the fabric and removes the gunk, depositing it on the fabric.
  • Repeat until the iron is clean and you have stopped fretting.

ironcleaning3A word of caution: Do not do this with a smoke detector overhead. The juice in the dryer sheet tends to smoke. This smoke may trigger the smoke detector and the fire department will arrive at your doorstep. (Ask me how I know.)


Needle Tips

needletipsToday I’m writing about needle tips and I literally mean the tip of the needle. The needles above are both a Size 3 embroidery needle but, from different brands.  If you look closely at the image, you’ll see they differ in girth or diameter. And there is a difference between the tips of the two needles too. The top needle has a more tapered point.

chartneedleandthreadYou’ll see this image on my The Thread-u-cation tutorial page. It indicates my suggestions for what embroidery thread size goes with what embroidery needle size. But be forewarned! Not all needles are created equally. And neither are their tips.

Tip? Maybe


Now here’s a novel way to clean the fusible web off your ironing board. Use a tailor’s thimble and scrap off the glue with the edge of the thimble. Not sure the tailor would approve, but it worked for one of my students! (Don’t worry, she still passed the class.)