Stitch Tip #10: Combine the Lazy Daisy and Straight Stitches

Our mischievous bird in the On Pins and Needles project from Playful Free-Form Embroidery owes his fancy attire to a simple embroidery stitch combination. From tail to the wing to crest, it’s this decorative stitch combination that makes him a pretty bird.

Today’s Stitch Tip: Combine the Lazy Daisy and Straight Stitches

Your first step is to make a lazy daisy stitch with a relaxed, open loop. You need this space for the second step.

Once all your lazy daisy stitches are in place, choose a different thread color and make a straight stitch inside the daisy loop to fill in the loop. This simple stitch combination is an easy way to add a decorative finish to your hand embroidery.