Stitch Tip #9: Fly the Pink!

A favorite accessory for my rotary cutter is the pinking blade. Each slice through fabric yields a jaunty embellished edge.

This pinked fabric edge with its crazy peaks and valleys is perfect for a favorite embroidery stitch, the fly stitch.

Today’s Stitch Tip: Fly the Pink!

Why the fly stitch? The fly stitch fits neatly around the pinked edge. It’s as if the pinked fabric and the fly stitch were destined to be together. Even the ladybugs in The Nut House project from Playful Free-Form Embroidery like the combo. Here you see them crawling up the bumpy pinked edge on their way to the tire swing.

So next time you have a pinked fabric edge add a fly stitch to the edge. Fly your pink!