Year of the Stitch: One Down

Whimsy Lane #10 is all stitched up! Finishing it with a fused binding that is machine stitched felt a little bit like cheating but I really want to move on to the next Year of the Stitch project.

This little quilt makes me happy. It was a delight to stitch and gave me something to look forward to every day. We all need small creative goals to achieve to keep life interesting.

If you’d like to keep your life interesting, check out my free tutorial on the fused binding here.

Year of the Stitch: Pattern Building

One can never have enough pattern in a design. And the easiest way to build pattern when making a fused art quilt is to cut a bunch of small elements (see wacky squares above) and use them to decorate your background fabric.

What Was I Thinking!

I sure loved cutting those blue squares with a pinking blade. And I sure loved building the checkerboard pattern on the pink background fabric. So much fun! And then it came time to stitch it.

What was I thinking! Each little square has to be stitched with fly stitches and straight stitches to outline the edges. Lucky I enjoy stitching with this size 8 Butter thread. Notice how that warm buttery color repeats the color of the house? Yum!

Take a Snow Day and Make a Snowflake House!

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In this online class (priced at just $5.99), you’ll learn how to cut a fabric snowflake and create a fused fabric cottage as unique as you! I’ll share fusing tips and tricks, demonstrate an embroidery stitch to embellish your abode, and show you a quick way to bind the quilt. It may be cold outside, but this 12″ x 12″ wintery wall hanging will add warmth and delight to your home decor all winter long!

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