Year of the Stitch: A Fast Finish?

When we last saw our Whimsy Lane quilt the tree bark was barely on the tree. The next step? Dress up the tree top with lots of leaves. I thought this would be a quick task and decided to time myself. And can you guess how long it took me to stitch the tree top leaves? It took 3.5 hours of stitching time.

In timing the next steps, the sidewalk and land stitching, it took another 3 to 4 hours. Lucky I enjoy stitching! Whimsy Lane #11 is finished and it’s time to move on to the next Year of the Stitch project.

And I think you’ll like my next Year of the Stitch project. This time I’m stitching for Spain!

Year of the Stitch: Herringbone Bark

In this next Year of the Stitch quilt, the tree gets the royal texture treatment. It takes me a moment but soon I get the rhythm of the herringbone stitch that makes this delicious texture on the tree shape

Crisscrossing the tree shape with the herringbone stitch adds that tree bark texture that covers many of the trees in my back yard. (I’m pretty sure Mother Nature was an embroiderer.)

The size 12 Blueberries thread I’m using changes color along the length from navy to royal blue to purple. The progression of color adds even more interest to the shape and entertains me as I stitch. I bet Mother Nature likes this colorway too.

Year of the Stitch: A Scary Tree

The next Year of the Stitch candidate is ready for needle and thread. Sure, the tree looks a little threatening like it could fall on the house at any time. But maybe it’s just wants to be friends with the house? Anyway, the stitching must begin!

Ignoring the imminent danger of a falling tree, our jolly little house gets the full stitch treatment. Blanket stitches surround the door, and shore up the rooftop and sides of the house so breakage will be at a minimum. And note that stem stitches securely anchor the base of the house into place. So take that tree!

One more thing. Just in case there is a wind storm, the windows are outlined with straight stitches holding them in place and protecting all from falling branches. Whew! I think we are safe for now.