Free-Form Design Step #2

This little free-form design began with a step-out from my Nut House project. By turning the step-out swatch horizontally, the few leaves on the end of a branch become trees. I love being an arborist!

See the blue stitch lines of the branches extending to the bottom edge of the fabric swatch? I’ve added extra rows of chain stitches placed closely together to make hardy tree trunks. When you want thick lines, use the chain stitch.

In the vacant space on the right of the trees, I’ve tacked down a free-cut hill and house shape using felt fabrics. With felt there is no worry about the fabric fraying and it’s also easy to stitch through. I’m looking forward to adding hand embroidery to this part of the design.

Free-Form Design Step #1

Welcome to a new free-form embroidery design!

This stitch project began with a step-out from the Nut House embroidery found in my book Playful Free-Form Embroidery. On the left you see the image used in the book directions and on the right is a detailed image from the finished piece. The step-out swatch only measures about 5” x 9” and has a few elements stitched to the felt background fabric. It the Nut House design, these elements are leaves on the tree branch and a flying tire swing that the ladybugs play on.

What can I do with this step-out swatch? The ladybugs aren’t the only ones who are having fun. I’m going to have some fun too by improvising a new design using the step-out swatch. Whoohoo!

My first step is to turn the swatch horizontally. By turning it in this direction it no longer relates to the tree branch and tire swing in the Nut House project. Now it has new life and I can imagine a potential design. Can you guess what I have in mind?

Beginning a new embroidery project is so invigorating! And to improvise a design is even more energizing. I recommend it to everyone.

What We’re Stitching 5

Mi Cas es Su Casa #1 by Laura Wasilowski

My classes at the Asociación Española de Patchwork festival  are complete. The Spanish quiltmakers are delightful and I had a wonderful time! Thank you to all who made my visit possible.

One thing I discovered during this trip is that the love of hand embroidery translates easily across languages and borders. We all love color and pattern and texture. It’s an artform for all!