Year of the Stitch: Pinking Blade

A favorite tool for cutting fused fabrics is the pinking blade I use on my 45 mm rotary cutter.

The pinking blade gives fabric shapes a zingy zigzag decorative edge. Zigzag edges that are perfect for adding a favorite hand embroidery stitch, the fly stitch.

Having cut the roof of my Whimsy Lane house using the aforementioned pinking blade, I am good to go. The fly stitch easily follows the zigzag fabric edge to outline the roof. My hand-dyed size 8 Oranges thread contrasts in color with the rooftop and repeats the orange in the house. It’s good to repeat colors in your artwork.

Inside of each V shape made by the fly stitches is a French Knot made with a size 8 Lemons thread. I love how those little hits of yellow decorate the roof top. A fancy rooftop all thanks to the pinking blade!