Tools of the Trade Stitch Along #1


Tools of the Trade by Laura Wasilowski

Please join me for my latest stitch along called Tools of the Trade. In this Tutorial you’ll find directions from start to finish on how to make this small -free-form embroidery. Every few days I’ll give you the next steps for making the design here on the blog. Those steps will be added to the Tools of the Trade Stitch Along page as we go. It’s all free and you can join at anytime.

And now to get started.

This version of Tools of the Trade is embroidered on black wool but you can use any fabric you like as your canvas. Thank you for joining me!

Step #1
Click here for a Tools of the Trade Stitch Kit or assemble the following items:

  • Black wool (or other fabric of your choice) measuring 6″ x 9″
  • Sewing thread for transferring the pattern shapes (or used the light blue size 12 below)
  • Size 8 pearl cotton threads in these variegated colors: turquoise, pea green, orange, and red (these are the Artfabrik thread colorways used: Aquamarine, Peas in a Pod, Oranges, Red Hots)
  • Size 12 pearl cotton threads in these variegated colors: red, medium greens, yellow, turquoise, light blue, orange, rainbow (these are the Artfabrik thread colorways used: Red Hots, Lettuce, Butter, Aquamarine, Forget Me Knots, Oranges, Rainbow Bright)
  • Size 3 and 5 hand embroidery needles
  • Red felt (or other color of your choice) for backing measuring 7″ x 9″
  • Download and print out this Word document of the Tools of the Trade pattern.

Step #2


  • Complete the directions below. Or follow the directions on the printed Tools of the Trade pattern to transfer the shapes to the fabric.
  • Place tracing paper on the drawing and trace it with a black marker.


  • Place the fabric vertically so it is 6″ across by 9″ high.
  • Position the tracing paper about 2″ up from the bottom of the fabric.
  • Pin the tracing paper into place.


  • Follow the black marker lines on the tracing and stitch the outline of the shapes in the design using Running Stitches. Stitch with a sewing thread (40 or 50 weight) or a size 12 pearl cotton in a color contrasting to the background fabric and a sewing needle or size 5 embroidery needle. 


  • After stitching the outline, remove the paper using the tip of a pin to score the paper next to the stitches. Gently rip away the paper.


  • The Running Stitches define the edges of the design and will be removed after stitching the shapes with permanent stitches.

 (Note that directions will be added to the Tools of the Trade Stitch Along page as we go.)