Running Stitch

The Running Stitch is the easiest, yet most misunderstood of all stitches. This basic stitch can create great texture and line on the quilt surface. Simple stitch, elegant results.
Here’s how to make the Running Stitch: going from right to left, draw the thread to the surface, then plunge the needle and thread back down through the fabric. Repeat. I’m stitching through just the top and batting layers of this quilt with a Size 8 thread and Size 3 embroidery needle. To mark a straight line, I place a ruler on the fabric, run my fingernail next to the ruler, and stitch in the groove.

You too can get in the groove. Line up Running Stitches, curl them around, make them short, or long. There are endless possibilities for the lowly Running Stitch. Try it today!