It’s a Wrap!


We live in such a beautiful country! Here is a view of the Rockies taken from my airline seat as I returned home from my last flight of the year. I was lucky to end my teaching year with the Clark County Quilters in Vancouver WA. A warm and jovial group, they kept me entertained and happy to be a quilt teacher.


A tiny homes quilt by Linda.

Over the past year I’ve met up with many talented people who attend to my goofy lectures, take my goofy classes, and send me photos of what they have made. Here is a fun little quilt completed by Linda from a class at the Chicago Show in April.


A ‘woodcut’ quilt made by Jill.

And here is beautiful quilt by Jill. She sent this image of her woodcut quilt made in the Creating Graphic Imagery class in Santa Clara, CA in October. She says the berries, apples, and flowers depicted in the piece are all important crops in the Pajaro Valley where she lives.

It’s been a delight traveling the nation and learning so much from my fellow quilters. But I’m taking a few months off now. It’s time to unpack, de-clutter, take a breath, and make some new work.


Another Quilt in the Neighborhood


Coming Home #1 by Laura Wasilowski

 I really enjoyed making Coming Home #1. From picking out the background fabric to the final stitch on the binding with my BERNINA, it was a pleasure trip. And now this quilt departs for a trip of its own. It is visiting the Victoria Quilter’s Guild as my ambassador so the students can see an example of a Tiny Homes quilt. We’ll meet up again in British Columbia in May.

Texans are Terrific!


Quilters of the Rio Grande Valley guild.

The Rio Grande Valley Quilters sure know how to show a gal a good time. My trip to visit them in the southern tip of Texas was terrific!


More class members from the Rio Grande Valley gulid.

There were so many in the Four Little Landscapes class, that we had to run it 2 days in a row. That meant I got to meet many talented Texan quilters or “Winter” Texan Quilters (those that wisely travel south for the winter.)  And eat at the local BBQ place too.


Didn’t they do a great job? Let’s hear it for the Rio Grande Valley!

Thank you lovely quilters of the Rio Grande Valley! Hope to see you all you Winter Texans up north at the AQS Show in Paducah, the Denver National Quilt Festival,, or the Quilter’s Affair, in Sisters OR show.

A New Kind of Quilt Rack


A new kind of quilt rack.

Quilters are so inventive! I recent taught on Hilton Head Island at a very interesting location. The lucky members of the Palmetto Quilt Guild hold their classes in a vacant store front. It is so spacious, they are able to display their quilts there as well. I was delighted to see a novel way of displaying quilts: use an old dryer rack, wrap the wood in fabric, and drape your quilts across the rack. Clever, huh?

An Idea for Your Guild

rulersHere’s an idea for your local quilt guild. Start a ruler library. This ruler library is available to the Green Country Quilters in Tulsa, OK. At each meeting, members can check out a ruler along with directions on how to use it. It some cases, a sample of a block created with the ruler is also included. What a great idea!

OK Makes Art!


Art work by members attending the Green Country Quilter’s retreat.

My visit with the Green Country Quilters Guild in Tulsa, Oklahoma was quite the adventure! After giving 2 lectures in Tulsa, we traveled to their retreat at the Tulakogee Conference Center. Then I lost track of time.


More work by the Green Country quilters.

But after 2 days of concentrating on art work, the 40 students in my class displayed their art work for all to see. They each made their own designs. It was amazing to see what they came up with! Thank you to all the wonderful quilt makers from Green Country.