Stunning Bobbin Work


Moroccan Tiles (detail) by Laura O of Texas.

Here is more bobbin work from my friend Laura of Texas. Good heavens the woman is prolific! She made these tiles by using our Size 5 Pearl Cotton Thread and stitching on the wrong side of the fabric tiles. (You can learn more about how to use our hand-dyed thread here.) 


Moroccan Tiles (30″ x 30″ by Laura O of Texas.

Laura joined the tiles together to make this stunning wall hanging for an exhibit at her local arts center. Isn’t it terrific? Thank you Laura for show us your beautiful art!

New Class for You

catherineredford2It’s true. You can teach an old dog new tricks!
My friend, Catherine Redford, has a new DVD class from Interweave called Modern Machine Quilting. I’ve watched it and learned so much about stitching parallel straight lines, undulating curves, spirals, serpentines, grids, and more.

Catherine Redford, an expert at stitching modern quilts.

With Catherine’s expert guidance, you’ll learn how to:

• Master the walking foot to create even, straight, and curved quilting designs
• Create gridded quilting patterns, including straight grids and plaids, all without
marking the quilt top
• Add texture and interest with perfect square and round spirals
• Finish your quilts with professional results.

Bobbin Work Anyone?


Bobbin work by my friend, Laura. Top is through the bobbin tension. Below is by-passing the tension.

My friend, Laura, sent me this wonderful example of bobbin work using my Size 5 thread. Isn’t it fun? In bobbin work you wind a heavier thread on your bobbin and stitch with the top of your fabric facing down. In some sewing machines you can use a special bobbin case or by-pass the tension in a regular bobbin case.


More bobbin work by Laura O.

She also made this frame for a mirror using bobbin work. I am amazed at her skill and ingenuity. Thank you Laura for these stunning examples! You can see more ways to use the threads here.

Thanks Given

thanksgivingHere’s my kitchen where I am busily preparing a pie for the Thanksgiving holiday here in the U.S.

OK. So that is really a painting by Doris Lee called Thanksgiving and not a photo of me making pie in my kitchen.

pieorteamailThis is the only pie I’ve made in the last 20 years. But I am so grateful that I have been invited to a friend’s house for the Thanksgiving meal. You could say I am giving thanks that others cook. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Houston Sightings


By Emily Parson

Alas, the International Quilt Festival in Houston is over. But I thought you might like to see some of the people and quilts at the show. Here you see my friend, Emily Parson’s beautiful quilt on display in the Full Bloom exhibit.


My colorful friends, Mary Mashuta, Lynn Koolish, and Roberta Horton

Several friends dropped in to visit us at the Artfabrik booth including Mary Mashuta, Lynn, Koolish (my editor from C&T Publishing) and Roberta Horton.


Katie, Frieda, Pat and Sue

You can always count on Katie Pasquini Masopust to liven up a party. Here she is with Frieda and award winning quilters Pat Holly and Sue Nickels.


And one last view of my Libby’s Leaves quilt next to that of Alex Anderson’s quilt. You have until November 5 to put in a bid on the quilts being auctioned to raise money for Libby Lehman. Check out the auction website here. Wish you could have been at Houston with us. It was so much fun!