Tools of the Trade Stitch Along #3

toolsofthetradeeAs we continue our Tools of the Trade stitch along, I want to give you some reassurance. (If I could, I’d hold your hand right now.) Be assured that none of the embroidery stitches we use are exotic or difficult.

We use simple, basic stitches like Chain Stitches, French Knots,  and Stem Stitches. Go ahead and click the link on anyone of these stitches. You’ll be taken to a page with directions on how to make that stitch and how it might be used in different ways. 

We are stitching for pleasure not to create a masterpiece. Enjoy the process. Use simple stitches.

And now, back to our project. You’ll find steps on how to make the design added to the Tools of the Trade Stitch Along page as we go. It’s all free and you can join at anytime.

Step #6


  • Stitch Cross Stitches horizontally and between the 4 wider stripes on the upper part of the vase. Use a size 8 pearl cotton thread (like Oranges) and a size 3 embroidery needle.
  • Stitch 1 row of Stem Stitches horizontally and under the last line of Chain Stitches at the base of vase using that same color of thread.

Step #7


  • Stitch French Knots between the narrow stripes on the vase. Use a size 8 pearl cotton thread (like Red Hots) and a size 3 embroidery needle. 
  • Stitch rows of Stem Stitches horizontally across the base of the vase to fill it in using that same color of thread.