Fusing Tips: How to Remove your Wrinkles

Are you suffering from wrinkles on your fused fabrics? Is your cloth all a-ripple? Are wavy wrinkly wrinkles wreaking havoc with you? Then you need this handy tip for the Chicago School of Fusing to remove your rascally wrinkles.

Here’s a way to remove your wrinkles:

  • Place the offending fused fabric on release paper or a silicone mat.
  • Tack a corner of the fabric to the release paper or mat with a hot iron.
  • Get a grip on yourself.
  • Now get a grip on the fabric and stretch out those wrinkles while holding the fabric down with the iron.
  • Pass the iron across the fabric as you stretch and iron it flat.

Your offending wrinkles are gone! It’s a miracle! (Only for use on fabric.)