Dyeing is Messy #4

As we approach the end of the thread dyeing marathon, I have a few more steps to accomplish. Each bundle of hand-dyed thread is soaked in water, rinsed, soaked, rinsed, soaked until ……………. FINALLY!……. the water runs clear. This takes several days and a lot of bucket lifting.

The skeins are put in the washing machine (which I remember to put on the spin cycle NOT the wash cycle) and excess water is spun out of the thread bundles. It’s a good idea to take the thread out of the washer at this point so you don’t forget and wash it with a load of laundry. (Ask me how I know.)

The thread is slung from hangers and air drys on the convenient steam pipes I have on the ceiling of the studio.

After it dries, each skein is twisted and labeled for the Artfabrik store. This is usually done while I watch a good movie, have some ice tea, and rest my feet.

Dyeing is a lot of work. But at last, I’m finished and looking forward to the next dye session in a month or more.

Thank you for joining me during my time in my newly renovated dye studio. It was great having you here!