Dyeing is Messy #3

After painting the dye on the cotton thread, I let it dry. To accelerate the dye process, a heater is placed near the stack of trays so they get warm and toasty. Drying the skeins also helps with the next fun part of dyeing thread- the washout.

While the thread is drying on the trays, I dye cotton fabric for quilt making. It’s a way to use up the leftover dye and a way to play with color creating some new color schemes I call “random acts of dyeing”.

If you’ve ever purchased something from the Artfabrik store and received a quarter yard of fabric as a gift, you’ve received a “random act of dyeing”.

The next day the fabric is washed out in my trusty top-loading washing machine. As the water is pumped out of the washer, I collect it in small buckets like this. This water is used to wash the thread. Hand washing the thread can take up to 22 buckets of water for a dark colorway. Days of hoisting buckets of water have given me arms of steel!