Cringing at Your Little Chicken Ways? Reimagining Art #3

Some design moves are easy when making artwork. For instance, I’ve embroidered an apple on this swatch of wool. So without using a pattern or drawing, what do I improvise next to add interest to the design?

Simple answer- stitch a branch for the apple. With a branch, you can imagine that a tree supports the apple. By adding the bough, the background fabric now evokes the sky. And in my case, the apple looks ready for picking, and apple pie is in the future! The yellow branch is the next element that supports the story of this design.

Tip: Be Fearless!

And just like any good story, now comes the scary part! Suddenly you discover there are no easy design moves, and the word “improvisation” jumps out to grab you! You entertain self-doubts, indulge in second-guessing, and cringe at your little chicken ways. Improvisation stops a lot of us cold.

But I ask you to be fearless! Cut that fabric! Snip that thread! Bravely use a color with no name!

And that’s what I did. I bravely trimmed the square edges from the purple wool into a loopy border. It was scary! And now I need a really big piece of apple pie.

Supporting My Support Group?

Beginning April 29, artwork donated by members of the Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) goes up for auction. (See the 2022 Spotlight Auction.) These are small pieces measuring 8″ x 6″ in a variety of styles, colors, and techniques.

My piece, Flying Home #3, is among those available for bid. Hand embroidered and using wool, felt, and my hand dyed threads, Flying Home depicts the birds who live in my backyard and in my imagination. Birds are magnificent creatures. They are flying acrobats, daredevils that sing, and sprites that fill my garden and heart with activity and life.

There are several reasons to collect artwork. We collect art to support an organization like SAQA or to support the artist. Collecting art also gives you, the collector, the benefit of surrounding yourself with what you love. Art gives us a sense of beauty and what is good in the world. So check out the SAQA 2022 Spotlight Auction and treat yourself to something good.

FrankenStitch: Epilogue

It was a dark and stormy night when the embroiderer walked into her basement studio and the lightbulb in her brain finally lit up. At last! A way to finish her FrankenStitch design!

She centered the embroidery onto a piece of her hand-dyed fabric that was fused to a rectangle of wool batting. As she admired the pickle color of the cloth, she decided that her choice of color was a really big dill.

After attaching the embroidery to the cotton border fabric with hand stitching, she rushed to her sewing machine. (Ok, maybe she didn’t rush.) The embroiderer casually sauntered to her sewing machine.

Dropping the feed dogs on the machine, she casually added free-motion stitching to the green fabric. She chose the famous curlicues and bananas pattern of stitching to surround the embroidery thinking it added a bit of festivity.

As she completed the project, the embroiderer sighed and glanced around the studio. Suddenly she felt at loose ends.

But wait! Was that a small unfinished embroidery peeking out from under a stack of fabric. Was another FrankenStitch project lurking in the wings? Perhaps a Daughter of FrankenStitch? Stay tuned!

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