Free-Form Hand Embroidery on Wool

woolembroiderybookFree-Form Hand Embroidery on Wool

Enjoy the ease of hand embroidery on wool and create these 5 small, free-form embroidery pieces. Your free-form embroidery begins with simple shapes transferred to the wool. Shapes are outlined with linear stitches then filled in with a bounty of hand embroidery stitches.

Step-by-step directions guide you through the 5 stitch projects. Chapters include the types of fabric, thread, and needles to use; how to transfer the patterns for each project to the wool; and embroidery stitch diagrams. Plus you’ll find a bonus project: how to make an etui or small sewing kit. Illustrated with colorful details, this book is ideal for those who want to explore the world of free-form embroidery and stitch just for the pleasure of it.

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Kits for 4 of the Free-Form Hand Embroidery Projects are also available:



Paint Brush

Click here for your Stitch Kit For Paint Brush











Dyed in the Wool

Click here for your Stitch Kit for Dyed in the Wool









Woolly Bird

Click here for your Stitch Kit for Woolly Bird








Yellow Chair

Click here for your Stitch Kit for Yellow Chair