Bridge House Process #2

Improvising a design can be scary. It can also be a cheap thrill!

After slicing this circular fabric in half to create an improvised embroidery, I felt a surge of fearlessness and bravery.

Or maybe it was that second cup of coffee.

Before the coffee jolt wears off, I trim the blue felt on each step-out left over from my Playful Free-Form Embroidery book. Somehow these two elements will fit together to make a design.

And, after more trimming, this is what I come up with. Do you like the background fabric?

There is a lot of fabric hiding in boxes in my house. And once I saw this green silk fabric I knew it would work for the background. The contrast of the lime green with the light blue felt sets off the embroideries. The green color also repeats in the “bridge” fabric and the house ornamentation. Yep, that’s the right color.

Next up, attaching the embroidered pieces to the silk.