Paint Brush Stitch Along


Paint Brush by Laura Wasilowski

Need a little break from it all? Why not slow down and join me as we stitch this sweet little Paint Brush for fun. It is hand embroidered on wool using techniques from my new book Joyful Stitching: Transform Fabric with Improvisational Embroidery.

The written and illustrated directions for Paint Brush, are also found in Free-Form Hand Embroidery on Wool along with 4 other projects stitched on wool.


 Materials Needed for the Paint Brush Stitch-Along:


brush1 Download and print out the Pattern PDF. Trace the brush pattern onto tracing paper using a black marker.

brush2Tilt the tracing and pin it to the wool with straight pins.

brush3Stitch the outline of the design onto the wool using the white or light colored thread. Follow the back marker lines on the tracing and use Running Stitches.

brush4After stitching the outline, remove the paper using the tip of a pin to score the paper next to the stitches. Gently rip away the paper.

brush5The Running Stitches define the edges of the design and will be removed after outlining the shapes with permanent stitches.

brush6Stitch Stem Stitches at the top of the brush handle to form an oval shaped opening. Stitch Chain Stitches around the outline of the brush handle.

brush7Fill in the brush handle with rows of Chain Stitches placed closely together.

brush8Stitch Back Stitches around the outline of the ferrule or center of the brush.

brush9Stitch rows of the Satin Stitch vertically across the ferrule leaving 1/4″ gaps between the rows.

brush10Stitch rows of Stem Stitches from the ferrule to the base of the brush to form bristles. Start on the right side, follow the curve of the outline, and place the rows closely together.

brush11Carefully remove the Running Stitches that initially formed the outline of the shapes.

brush12Stitch French Knots between the rows of Satin Stitches on the ferrule.

brush13Stitch Lazy Daisy Stitches around the tip of the brush to form paint drips.

brush14Stitch French Knots inside of each Lazy Daisy Stitch.

brush15Stitch Running Stitches in curves and swirls on the background fabric using one color of thread.

brush16Stitch Running Stitches to fill the background fabric with a different color thread.

brush17To display your work in a shadow box frame, use an acid-free mat and pierce 2 holes in the mat that match each corner of the embroidery. Stitch through the holes into the back of the embroidery at each corner.

brush18I hope you’ve enjoyed the Paint Brush Stitch Along. You can find other stitch along tutorials here.