Felt Give Away!


Felt Like Gardening #5 by Laura Wasilowski

Thanks to the students in my Felt Like Gardening class in Houston last year, I have diminished my piles. Piles of felt cut-aways that is.


Felt Like Gardening #1

You see, many years ago I purchased stacks of colorful wool felt from Commonwealth Felt. The rich colors and ease of stitching the felt by hand seduced me. But alas, I work small with few of my felt creations exceeding 12″ x 12″. Soon I realized I’d never use all the felt I had in my stash.

feltscrapsSo I taught a class with the felt and gave away stacks of felt cut-aways, the parts left over from cutting shapes for the class. But there are more cut-aways to be rid of! That’s why I’m giving away a set of felt cut-aways to 2 lucky winners. Just leave a comment and we will randomly pick the lucky recipients. And thank you for helping me with my piles.

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  1. Oh my! I have often wondered what to do with scraps left over (from scrapbooking and from sewing) but so far I still have space and not so much (yet!) where I don’t dig around from time to time for a project. I know I will be in your position someday and this is a great idea, to give them away rather than toss then out! But I will take you up on the offer to win, as I have very little felt. I’d be happy to be of service to you ????

  2. I would love to receive these. I think they would be perfect for making post cards.

  3. I enjoy making wool and felt applique with embroidery to embellish (enliven) the mix. :) So much fun to see how you use the cut away shapes!

    :) Linda

  4. You make such beautiful things it has inspired me to learn to embroider. I would love to have some of your stash to help me start creating : )

  5. Your work is so inspiring. I was just looking at some cotton cutaways from another project. Thanks for sharing your talent and cutaways.

  6. Oooo! I’d love to have more of these! I’ve been using those I got from you in our class in Sisters this summer and having lots of fun with them!

  7. I have been wanting to try working with felt. I have one piece I can use as the background. Thus, having some “parts” would be perfect. Of course I would never object to having an extra background piece also.

  8. How generous. I’m getting ready to make a small,fairy landscape for my daughter and these would be ideal.

  9. Oh my goodness, I have declared 2020 The Year of the Tree!
    I have been making felted stacked trees and giving them to friends and family with instructions for planting a native tree in their yards. As you are a champion for the women who have made our lives better, I am champion Mother Nature, who is in need of our help to support her suffering Earth. Trees are burning everywhere, and being cut down in serious numbers and our environment is suffering for it. I would love any pieces you could send to help me carry on 2020 The Year Of The Tree!
    God Bless You!

  10. I am brand new to this art form. But my sister has been working with fabrics forever. I purchased your book Joyful Stitching and I believe this is something to get excited about. Would love to have some leftover felt

  11. Lurking as usual (and downloading Garden Basket) when I saw what you managed to do with your wool felt cutouts. Amazing! I have a few of my own, but since I am not as prolific as you are, it will be years before I run out of room in my little stash basket. Nevertheless, I don’t want my little fellows to be lonely and would welcome any additions to the family. Besides, you have many more colors than I do.

  12. Felt can be used in so many projects. I love it. My grandchildren love it also. Thank you for the chance to win.

  13. Felt can be used in so many projects. I love it. My grandchildren love it also. Thank you for the chance to win.

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