windycity6detailaLaura’s current presentations are available in a Zoom or Webinar format hosted by your guild or group. Lecture fees are $400. See Laura’s Contract for more information.



windycity2bArt Quilts: The Musical

Join Laura in celebrating the life of a quilt artist. Listen to her adventures in quilt making and hear traditional art quilt folk songs like “Everybody Gets Rejected Sometime” and the “Minnesota Quilter’s Polka”. It’s a quirky documentary featuring songs from the “Chicago School of Fusing Bond Fire Songbook”.

windycity3detailaI Quilt, Therefore, I Am

A colorful and humorous history of the artist’s life presented with slides of her narrative quilts like “Gus Cleans His Room” and “Nude Blue Chair Reclining”. The biographical section of the slide show is followed by information about the design process and techniques used in creating her quilts. A selection of tunes from the Chicago School of Fusing Bond Fire Songbook will be sung throughout the lecture by the intrepid lecturer. 

windycity5detailaChicago School of Fusing Guided Tour

Take a campus tour of the famous Chicago School of Fusing. This mythological university is devoted to the promotion of the fine art of fusing, a non-traditional method of assembling quilts with fusible web. Laura Wasilowski, Dean of Corrections at the School, guides you around the campus buildings, introduces you to the fascinating fusing curriculum, and shows you the exciting campus life of the student fuser. Included in the presentation is a review of the fusing processes and Laura’s own rendition of the Chicago School of Fusing fight song. Press on! 


windycity3Where Did I Go Wrong: Confessions of a Serial Quilter

Explore the artist’s quirky mind with this lecture about quilt making in a series. Enjoy the revelation that one chicken quilt will surely lead to a second, third, or fortieth. Discover what drives a person to create multiple quilts about a blue chair, garden implements, or unsung kitchen appliances. All is revealed in this exposé, the Confessions of a Serial Quilter


quietmorningThe Not So Very Accurate History of Fusing
Learn about the founding of the Chicago School of Fusing by our fore-mother, Eve. Using the gifts of the Garden of Eden, you’ll discover how Eve took a bite of the apple and influenced the fine art of fusing forever. You’ll be surprised by Eve’s inventive nature and how, from fig leaf patchwork through the Iron Age, she has inspired us all. Pick up tips on how to create a fused art quilt and hand stitchery along the way. And enjoy traditional fusing tunes and a display of fused art quilts too.