Letter of Agreement / Contract for Workshops & Lectures by Laura Wasilowski
324 Vincent Place, Elgin, IL 60123  847-494-9310 (cell #)

This is to confirm our verbal agreement that Laura Wasilowski will present workshop(s) and/or lecture(s) for the following Conference or Guild:

Conference / Guild name:_________________________________________________

Website address: _______________________________________________________

To be held on date(s):____________________________________________________


  • Lectures: $400 for a 1 hour lecture, plus Q&A session. Minimum of 1 full-day workshop is required to reserve a non-local lecture.
  • Workshops: $750 per day for workshops. $375 per half-day for half-day workshops. Up to 25 students. Additional students may be added providing the classroom is adequate.
  • Payment for the Lecture and Workshops is due immediately upon completion.
  • Trunk Show: Laura’s patterns, books, hand-dyed fabrics, and threads will be available for sale to interested students at both workshops and lectures. The guild / conference will not expect to collect any commission on these sales.

Classroom Requirements:

  • Classroom must have an electrical system able to handle a minimum 1 iron per 5 students. (Irons blow fuses. Please know where electrical breakers are located.)
  • Student table space measuring at a minimum of 24″ x 24″ per student.
  • Tables (2) for Laura’s trunk show and teaching materials in the classroom.
  • A large board (Styrofoam, foam-core, cork) to pin into for teaching materials.

Lecture Requirements:

  • A digital projector and table are needed for the power point lectures. (Please notify Laura if your group does not have a digital projector and she will bring hers.)
  • A screen or large white wall for the power point presentation.
  • Microphone for the lecture.
  • 2 extension cords (3 prong) and a power strip for the projector and computer.
  • Tables (2) for display of artwork and trunk show items at the lecture.

Lectures Requested

1. Title of lecture_______________________________________________________
date: ______________________________ time: ______________________________

2.  Title of lecture________________________________________________________
date: ______________________________ time: ______________________________

Location: ______________________________________________________________________

Workshops Requested

1. Title of workshop______________________________________________________
date(s): ___________________________ time: _______________________________

2. Title of workshop______________________________________________________
date(s): __________________________ time: ________________________________

3. Title of workshop______________________________________________________
date(s): __________________________ time: ________________________________

Location of Workshop (if different from Lecture location).

Workshop Notes: Links to Supply lists are found on the Workshop Page beneath each class description.  Most classes have a recommended $20 – $35 kit fee. This kit fee includes all the fabrics needed for the quilt tops or embroideries as well as a sampler of hand-dyed thread, needle, class handout, or pattern for the student. Biographical materials and pictures are also available on the web site.

All travel expenses will be borne by the guild / conference. These include:

  • Mileage when driving (current IRS rate per mile)
  • Car rental if necessary
  • Round trip airfare
  • Bus/limo transportation ($65 each way) to and from Chicago O’Hare Airport
  • Luggage fees for 2 suitcases (if applicable).

Flight arrangements will be made by Laura Wasilowski or the travel agent of the conference / guild, with Laura’s agreement on dates of travel, routes and airline from Chicago O’Hare.
Arrangements will be made by the guild/conference to meet Laura at the airport location to transport 2 large suitcases of class materials.

Name of the Destination Airport Nearest to the Conference / Guild ________________________________________________________________________

Laura requires lodging in a non-smoking hotel room. No private homes. Lodging provided by your group will be at:

Name of hotel or  motel:__________________________________________________
Phone:  ________________________________

All meals are provided by the guild/conference. Laura has no food allergies.

Extra Days / Sharing Expenses
If Laura will be in your area for extra days to accommodate other groups, the guilds / conferences will be responsible for sharing all expenses on those extra days with the other groups involved. Each group will be charged a percentage of transportation, lodging, and meals expense.  Individual groups will be responsible for lodging and meals on the days Laura is working for them.

The Guild may cancel a workshop due to insufficient enrollment at any time prior to the purchase of non-refundable airline tickets, or any other expenses incurred by Laura Wasilowski. If a workshop is canceled after the purchase of airline tickets, the guild will be responsible of paying for the tickets and any other expenses incurred by Laura.

If your workshop cancels in the middle of a multi-venue tour, your group will be responsible for covering Laura’s daily minimum fee of $750.00.

A signed copy of this contract must be returned to Laura Wasilowski before a firm commitment can be made. If your group would like to reserve future dates, but has not yet booked a venue or made decisions on which workshops to schedule, please insert TBA (to be announced) on the form.  A completed copy of this contract must subsequently be forwarded at a later date and at least 60 days before the scheduled workshops/lectures. (90 days for international venues). Airline tickets will not be purchased until a contract is completed and sent to Laura Wasilowski.

The Guild/Conference will provide the name of a second person in your organization who can be contacted in the event that the organizer/program chair is not available.

I have read the above letter of agreement, and I understand and agree to the terms:

Guild / Conference Representative

Name: (printed)_________________________________________________________



Signature & Date:_______________________________________________________

Second person in your group who can be contacted:

Name: (printed)_________________________________________________________


Phone(s): ____________________________ Email:____________________________

Signature & Date:_______________________________________________________

Teacher / Lecturer____________________________________________________     date____________________________

Laura Wasilowski  324 Vincent Place, Elgin, IL 60123  847-494-9310