Music and Quilting

All Together Now! by Laura Wasilowski

Does music influence your quilt making? Maybe you use the rhythm of the music to aid in the rhythm of free-motion stitching. Or it accompanies you as you hand stitch, adding to the meditative nature of hand embroidery.

And then some songs inspire a quilt design like All Together Now! All Together Now! was part of a traveling exhibit called Inspired by the Beatles: An Art Quilt Challenge. It toured with the collection to seven U.S. venues from 2014 through 2015. I choose this Beatles song because it reminds me of my fun college roommate who played Beatles music to gently wake me in the morning.

All Together Now! is a fused art quilt measuring 24? wide by 24? high. It is hand embroidered, machine quilted, and there is a sleeve on the back for hanging on the wall. Click here if you are interested in adding this musical quilt to your collection.