Autumn in Illinois

Soon the leaves in our area will change colors. Autumn in Illinois is a beautiful time of year but you could say it is also a sad time of year. The leaves on the trees put on a bright colorful show but they are also dying at the same time. Sometimes I think that Mother Nature has a wicked sense of humor.

This quilt, Deciduous Decorum, was made to celebrate the changing of the seasons. Vignettes of trees and fields show off their flashy colors. When making this quilt I was interested in the repeating pattern and color in the design and creating a stylized landscape that captured the season.

Deciduous DecorumĀ is a fused art quilt measuring 22? wide by 22? high. It is machine quilted and has a sleeve on the back for hanging on the wall. Click here if you are interested in adding this quilt to your collection.