Making New from Old: A Give-Away


Many, many years ago I made small quilts with improvisational piecing. (I was young, I didn’t know what I was doing.) Years later, I used those quilts as a canvas to practice improvisational hand embroidery. (I was still young but was having more fun.) 


Today I discovered those prehistoric quilts and have decided to take them to their next state of evolution. I’ve run them through an Accuquilt die cutter and have cut them into heart shapes. (I’m still young but have become reckless.)


Would you like to be young and reckless too? Then please leave a comment below and you may be a lucky winner of one of my patchwork hearts that I’m giving away. (Please note that at some point I cut off the comment section, usually just before announcing the winners.)

16 thoughts on “Making New from Old: A Give-Away

  1. Dear Laura,
    As a “heart” collector, I would be honored to have your heart ?? forever! But if not, I am very happy to be a friend.

  2. Scrappy is my favorite quilt. I love connecting small pieces of fabric. I also just finished my 1st embroidery doodle my daughters and grand daughter added their own doodles for me to stitch.

  3. I think running a quilt through the die cutter is BRAVE. :) And I’d like to try it.

    Would love to make something lovely with your cut heart!

    :) Linda

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