Improvisational Stitching #1

redwoolembroidery1Today I unearthed this swatch of red wool fabric. The few stitches you see represent my attempt to teach a student how to make the Fern and Stem Stitches. The blue thread shows my attempts at the Fishbone Stitch.

My first thought upon seeing this red wool was “Ouch!, I left a needle in the fabric.” The second was, “Can I make something from this?”

Improvisational or free-form embroidery challenges your brain and tests your ability to surrender to needle and thread. So, for the next few weeks, I’m going to give my brain a work out and try to improvise a design beginning with these few random acts of stitching. I’ll show you the results as I progress and we can lament my lack of brain power together.

Now, where did I put that needle?

4 thoughts on “Improvisational Stitching #1

  1. I am reminded to thank you for your generosity in sharing free patterns with your followers. It certainly helps those of us with limited income to expand our boundaries. Good luck with the red and blue. I enjoy handwork, but am new to wool. Because of the cost, I use flannel or cotton as background fabric and use the wool for flowers, birds, snowmen, etc.

    • I’m happy to share my patterns and am glad you enjoy them. Some of the wool I use is recycled jackets or coats available from resale shops. It is really a great fabric to stitch on.

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