32 thoughts on “House Improv

  1. OF course it works. On so many levels. Building a background with blobs of color is a great idea. Love all the elements. Your creativity is always an inspiration.

  2. Can’t write much…… gotta’ run and dig thru my scraps….. I was inspired by the video and words weren’t necessary….fun to look at!!!

  3. Loved the video! It would be fun to see something like one pass of the camera where you placed the trees first, and then the next pass where you moved or adjusted them.

    • Thanks Sunnie. You’re right I missed a few steps with the camera.
      I got so involved in making the piece I forgot to take photos.

  4. I guess I’m in the minority. The video is cute but I think I prefer the pictures so I can study the picture (I keep forgetting that I can pause the video). And I like the comments with the pictures.

  5. Worked for me!! Certainly didn’t need words and the music was great. I love your work Laura. Please do more Craftsy classes with kits. I love them.

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