Visiting the Capital?


Blue Wing Chair by Laura Wasilowski

The SAQA Radical Elements exhibition is now open at the Gallery of the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, DC. That’s 2101 Constitution Ave. NW, in Washington on the Mall for all you tourists out there.

Nearly 40 artists show elements from the periodic table using this art quilt as illustrations. It’s on until the middle of October. Hours: weekdays between 9 am and 5 pm. Admission: free, but a photo ID is required. And you must mention my name several times.

An Exhibit to See


Penelope’s Poppies by Laura Wasilowski

I’m so happy that my quilt, Penelope’s Poppies, is part of McLean County Arts Center’s Illinois Quiltscape. This exhibition of quilts made in Illinois extends through August 8, 2015 and is in Bloomington IL. Here’s a statement about the exhibit.

Illinois Quiltscape explores the complexity and diversity in contemporary quilt making across Illinois. Twenty quilters from across Illinois have been invited to exhibit a quilt of original design. Inclusive of Art Quilts, Modern Quilts, Functional Bed and Wall Hanging Quilts, the exhibition highlights how traditional and contemporary quilting techniques are used to best tell each quilt’s unique story.

Check out the great video on it here. Hope you can see the exhibit!



Blue Wing Chair and Science?


Blue Wing Chair by Laura Wasilowski

Today the Radical Elements exhibit sponsored by SAQA, will open for a five month showing at the Gallery of the National Academy of Sciences. Blue Wing Chair is my entry into this exhibit with a theme combining quilting and science. At last, a use for that periodic table displayed in chemistry class!

Blue Wing Chair (back) by Laura Wasilowski

This, from the SAQA website, describes the Radical Elements exhibit:
Our physical world is created out of the chemical elements, from hydrogen to platinum to arsenic. For this exhibition, each of the selected artists created a new work influenced by an element from the periodic table. Inspirations came from anything relating to that element, whether it is a play on the name, its color or the products made from it. Both representational and abstract works were welcomed.
The artists were also asked to move quilting beyond the usual materials of fabric and thread, exploring the function and decorative properties of different surfaces and stitching materials. This exhibition was the first to embrace the newly expanded definition of an art quilt and is a signature exhibition for SAQA.
In the next few days I’ll show you the design process for making Blue Wing Chair. But first, can you guess which element from the periodic table I was given to depict?

Color Chips on View

Color Chips by Laura Wasilowski

Color Chips by Laura Wasilowski

I just found out that my quilt called Color Chips is going to be on exhibit at the New Visions Art Center in Marshfield, WI September 9 – Oct. 25, 2013. This is an older quilt and I’m so pleased it will be on view in this gallery. We make these things for the love of making them and are so happy when they find a home! Color Chips (35″ x 35″) is constructed from small squares or chips of my hand dyed fabrics. Much like painting, the fabric chips are overlapped and fused together like dabs of paint.

Blue Chairs Move to Wausau

My blue chairs on exhibit in Wausau.

It was a fun trip to Wausau, Wisconsin this past weekend. Not only did I visit with old friends, but I was able to attend the opening of Form and Function at the Center for the Visual Arts in downtown Wausau.

Blue Chair in the Library with a Candlestick by Laura Wasilowski

Three of my blue chair quilts have taken up residence in this beautiful gallery space. Along with artists working in textiles, there were jewellery, pewter, wood, and other mediums. The exhibit at the CVA extends through December 29, 2012. I hope you can visit!