Embroidered Garden Stitch Kit


Embroidered Garden Kit
This improvised embroidery is made with silk fabric that is fused to wool batting. Follow these step-by-step directions to make your embroidered garden on silk. Directions include a materials list, thread size and color suggestions, information on needle sizes, and instruction for the embroidery stitches.



Embroidered Garden Background Fabric

Hand-dyed silk in a suitable weight for hand embroidery measuring 11″ x 9″. Yellow to orange color gradation.

Price(USD): $5.00






Embroidered Garden Threads

  • Hand-dyed size 8 pearl cotton threads (6): Aquamarine, Lime Frappe, Degas Blue, Wisteria, Green Grass, Petunias
  • Hand-dyed size 12 pearl cotton threads (8): Lime Frappe, Lemons, Japanese Iris, Forget Me Not, Pumpkin Patch, Oranges, Sprouts, Wisteria
  • Free thread ring and needle chart.
Price(USD): $144.00