Fuse Your Bloomers: Half-Day Workshop Supply List

springblooms1flippedFuse Your Bloomers

Half-Day Workshop

Build a blooming garden from colorful fused fabrics. Learn basic fusing techniques like free-cutting, bias fusing, collage building, and pattern transfer. Celebrate the joy of improvisational design and create your flower composition with a kit of hand-dyed fabrics and sampler of embroidery threads. It’s fun, it’s easy, and¬† no sewing machine is needed.


Supplies Participants Should Bring for this Half-Day Class:
– Small, sharp scissors for free cutting
– Paper scissors
– Rotary cutter, ruler, and mat
– Specialty rotary cutter blades like Pinking, Wavy, or Scallop (optional)
– Cotton batting, 1 piece measuring about 14″ x 14″
– Quilt backing fabric, 1 piece measuring about 14″ x 14″
– 1 yard parchment paper
– Iron and ironing surface (share with other class members if not provided by group).
– Tweezers (optional)
– Small plastic bag for fabric scraps

$25 Kit Fee: Includes hand out, pre-fused hand-dyed fabrics, embroidery threads and a needle.


Student work from the Half-Day Garden of Eden class.


Laura Wasilowski 324 Vincent Place Elgin , IL 60123

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