Fuse, Design, Stitch

seedpods2This class is about discovery. Laura will guide you in the creation of several small art quilts using fused fabrics and improvisational methods of construction. Your original designs then act as your canvas for improvisational hand embroidery.

You’ll learn basic fusing skills and techniques for quilt construction and how to easily invent new designs through improvisation. You’ll learn how to hand embroider a fused art quilt and find how a well-placed stitch brings your quilt to life.

Discover the joy of making multiple pieces of art with the ease of fusing and the delight of free-form, unfettered hand embroidery.

$25 Kit Fee includes:  hand-dyed fabrics, thread sampler, embroidery book, and embroidery needles.

Supplies Participants Should Bring:

– 6 yards of Pellon Wonder Under fusible web (paper backed, #805) DO NOT BRING HEAT AND BOND OR STEAM A SEAM
– Fabric:1/4 yard each of 8 different colors of washed fabric (yellow, orange, red, fuchsia, turquoise, blue, violet, green) DO NOT BRING FABRIC WITH A PERMANENT PRESS FINISH. Pick batik or hand-dyed fabrics. Hand dyed fabrics will be available for sale.
– Size 3, 5, 8 or 12 pearl cotton embroidery threads in a variety of colors. Hand dyed threads will be available for sale.
– Small, sharp scissors for cutting small shapes
–  Medium scissors for cutting larger fabrics
– Paper scissors for cutting fusible web
– Rotary cutter, ruler, and mat
– Specialty rotary cutter blades, such as Pinking, Wavy, or Scallop (optional)
– Black Sharpie Fine Point marker
– pencil with eraser
– 3 yards of parchment (baking) paper
– 48? x 48? of batting (estimate, it does not have to be exactly this size, it will be cut into smaller pieces)
– 2 yards of quilt backing fabric (estimate, it does not have to be exactly this size it will be cut into smaller pieces)
– Iron and ironing surface (share with other class members if not provided by group)
– Thimble (optional)
– Teflon pressing sheet (optional)
– Tweezers (optional)
– Small plastic bag for fabric scraps
– Sewing machine (It is not necessary to bring a sewing machine as you may not get to the machine work in class. We will discuss machine stitching and finishing of fused quilts.)


A student adds hand embroidery to her design.

Laura Wasilowski 324 Vincent Place Elgin, IL 60123
  laura@artfabrik.com www.artfabrik.com