Straight Stitch


Tilty Town #12 by Laura Wasilowski

Hand embroiderers working on art quilts are constantly inventing stitchery to accommodate the images they are embellishing. Need window panes? Tree branches? Grass? The Straight Stitch covers these needs and acts as a stroke mark to help define the shapes. Here you can see the Straight Stitch as branches on the trees, window panes, grass, and as a striped pattern on the yellow ground curves.
straight2Here’s how to make the Straight Stitch: with the thread on top of the quilt, point the needle in any direction, insert it into the fabric, and draw the needle and thread through the fabric. That’s it, very simple, very easy.
Straight Stitches can be in any direction and evenly spaced (or not). They can define a shape, texture a shape, or add a decorative element to the fabric. Just don’t make them too long or the thread may bag and snag.

Nothing worse than bagging and snagging.