Queen Poppy: Cutting Out Shapes

Would you like to learn a very simple way to transfer the Queen Poppy pattern shapes to your fused fabrics? I call it the Miracle of Pattern Transfer.

With this method of transferring a drawn pattern shape to fabric, you do not have to worry about mirror imaging. There is no pinning or worry about shapes facing the wrong way. What you see or trace is what you will get when the fabric shape is cut out.

(Note that directions are first given here and then added to the Queen Poppy Stitch Along as we go.)

Step #4

  • Print out the Queen Poppy pattern by downloading the Queen Poppy pattern as a Word document or the Queen Poppy pattern as a PDF.
  • Place the silicone release paper (the paper you’ve just removed from the fabric) or parchment paper on the stem pattern.
  • Trace the pattern with the black Sharpie marker or a lead pencil. (Please note that any writing or numbers written on the release paper will also transfer to the fabric.)

  • Place the marker or ink side of the release paper onto the glue or fused side of the stem fabric.
  • Iron the paper in place for 5 seconds with a hot iron.

  • After the fabric cools, remove the release paper from the fabric.
  • The ink from the tracing will transfer to the glue. It’s a miracle!

  • Cut out the stem shape just inside the black line with scissors.

  • Repeat the steps above to make the 5 bud parts, bud crown, bud top, 2 leaflets, left and bottom leaves, and leaf and bottom leaf centers.