Give Yourself a Break

Once in a while I need a break from this crazy world. So I keep a sketch book and doodle in it. Doodling is a great way to let the creative side of your brain refresh itself. It’s also a way to work out new quilt designs and use up all that paper you have.

In my new online class, Fused Art Quilts: Zen Doodle Quilts, I’ll show you my method of converting sketches or doodles into an art quilt. I’ll guide you through the doodling, pattern making, fusing, stitching, and binding processes. So from start to finish, you’ll be making an original piece of artwork.

I know the idea of drawing or sketching is scary for some of us. But in this class we keep everything simple. Cause once in a while you need a break from this crazy world!

Read more about Fused Art Quilts: Zen Doodle Quilts here. (Note the bonus materials you are given when you join the class too.)

Make Your Own Artwork the Easy Way!

Here’s what I like about creating fused art quilts: it’s easy. And having an impatient nature, the fine art of fusing lets me get right to the design process without worrying about seam allowances. Not that I don’t make a few pieced quilts with bad seam allowances. But when it comes to making a wall quilt, fusing is the method for me.

So I’ve come up with a method of making patterns from my doodles or sketches that lets me get right to the making of the artwork.

In my new online class, Zen Doodle Art Quilts, I’ll show how easy it is to make artwork with fusing techniques. Sure, we’ll adhere to the Rules of Fusing from the Chicago School of Fusing (where I am Dean of Corrections). But you’ll also enjoy the freedom of creating our own artwork.

I hope you’ll join my new online class. Read more about it here: Zen Doodle Art Quilts here.

You Are the Designer!

Would you like to create original art work? Great! Then I have just the class for you!

In my new online class, Fused Art Quilts: Zen Doodle Quilts, you’ll learn step by step how to convert your sketches or doodles into a pattern and then into an art quilt. Along the way, you’ll learn fusing techniques like pattern transfer, collage building, and bias fusing. An important part of the class is discussing the basic principles of design when making your artwork.

You’ll discover how to embellish the work with hand embroidery stitches that really bring your artwork to life. We’ll talk about needles, threads, how to make different stitches, and the mystery of choosing thread colors.

I’m here to help you enjoy the experience of creating original artwork from start to finish! Learn more about Fused Art Quilts: Zen Doodle Quilts here.