Colors of Autumn

Fine Line Tree #4 by Laura Wasilowski

The trees in my area are starting to show off their brilliant colors. The colors of autumn with their gold and red capture the eye and warm the heart. I love the change in seasons!

To celebrate the colors of the season, I’ve made this fused art quilt measuring 8″ x 10″. Fine Line Tree #4 is created with hand-dyed silk fabrics that glow just like the autumn leaves. It is lovingly hand embroidered and machine quilted.

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A Tree is a Haven

This summer I’ve discovered two bird’s nests in our backyard. One nest has been abandoned and is available for those interested in a home nestled in a thorning rose bush.

Another is located in a small tree and occupied by the House Finch family. The Finch family matriarch is very protective of her abode and gives me intense stares whenever I glance in their direction. I try to stay our of their neighborhood.

In honor of the House Finch family, I’ve made this quilt depicting their tree. It’s called Fine Line Tree #5.

Fine Line Tree #5 is a fused art quilt measuring 8″ x 10″. It is made with hand-dyed silk fabrics and cotton threads and lovingly hand embroidered. Click here if your are interested in adding this sweet little art quilt to your collection.