What to Do with Your Loose Threads

Need to clean up your studio? Have threads thrums or blobs of thread to get rid of?

Then why not use your loose threads to create a work of art! Here you see three silk baskets I’ve made. They are stitched by hand and machine using even more stray threads that were hanging around the studio.

The baskets are holding a decade’s worth of thread blobs. These blobs or thread ravels were collected after washing fabric I’ve dyed over the years. The couched threads on the baskets are short clips of thread I kept for some reason. So you see it was time to clean up my studio!

Warm Colors for Cool Days

It’s the end of summer here in Illinois, and my marigolds are loving the heat. Here they are embracing a new thread sampler pack, the Yellow to Red set. But soon it will be autumn. Imagine all the beautiful stitching you can do on those cool days with this bright bunch.

The Yellow to Red collection is perfect for outlining your bluebird, stitching his beak, dressing up his tail feathers, and adding texture to cattails.

The Yellow to Red Sampler in size 8 pearl cotton thread includes: Lemons, Butter, Sunflowers, Oranges, Sunrise, Really Red, and Red Hots.

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